Rishi Kapoor Twitter: Rishi Kapoor was silent on Twitter for a long time, this was his last tweet

Evergreen actor Rishi Kapoor is no more with us. Apart from his films, Rishi Kapoor was always in the news due to his impeccable lyrics. There have been many times when he has spoken openly in a media interview, whether it is related to his family or his film career or social issues. For a few years, the actor was very active on Twitter and used to make people laugh with funny tweets on his account and used to express his opinion on every social issue. But do you know that Rishi Kapoor, who made many tweets in one day, was silent on Twitter for the last few days.

Yes, Rishi Kapoor used to tweet 2-4 every day, but for almost a month he did not tweet a single on Twitter. He last tweeted on April 2, in which he spoke about the violence on Corona Warriors and asked people not to do so. During the time of this corona virus, he had made many tweets and because of his tweet, he had been in the news, because he had said things like opening liquor shops, setting up emergency.

What did you say in the tweet?

He wrote in his last tweet- ‘There is an appeal to all brothers and sisters of all religions and castes with folded hands. Please do not carry out incidents like lynching, stone throwing, violence. Doctors, nurses, medical staff, policemen etc. are putting their lives at stake to save you. Together we have to win the war of corona virus. please. Jai Hind.’

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Please tell that Rishi Kapoor used to give his opinion only on Twitter, while the actor stayed away from other social media platforms. At the same time, his wife Neetu Kapoor is very active on Instagram, who used to inform Rishi Kapoor’s fans about his health and share the latest pictures of Rishi Kapoor.


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