Rohit Suchanti Wishes Happy Birthday To Srishty Rode After Rumers Of Dating Pictures Viral On Social Media

On the occasion of Srishty Rode’s birthday, Rohit Suchanti has wished the birthday by sharing a very wide post on social media. In this post, Rohit has made it clear that, Srishti has only good friends.

Ever since Srishty Rode and Rohit Suchanti have been seen together in Bigg Boss 12, rumors of their affair have been heard. Rohit is believed to be the reason for the breakup of Srishti Ballad. That matter is different, both of them have never accepted this. Even after them, these two are seen together on the following day. Well today, Srishti Ballad is celebrating her birthday. In such a situation, how can Rohit Suchanti forget to wish TV’s beauty?

That is why Rohit has congratulated Srishty Rode on his birthday in a very special way in front of everyone on social media. After seeing this post of Rohit, people are once again talking about these two blacks.

Rohit Suchanti has written a long message on Instagram, sharing a picture of himself and Srishty Rode. In this post, Rohit has made it clear that, how much Srishti Rode is important in his life.

Rohit has written, you are a very good girl. That thing is different but a little crazy, but this thing makes you special. Never let the Bollywood inside you die. Your smile is very beautiful. When you laugh, the environment around you also smiles.

Further, Rohit has written praising the Srishti road, I have learned to befriend you. I know that when I need you you will be with me and will be with me. May God give you every happiness. You get everything you want in life. I can also write a book on a drama queen like you. Looks like I have said more, but still my best friend’s birthday greetings from my side….

Rohit Suchanti has also wished Srishty Rode a birthday on his Instagram story. Where he has told that, Srishti Ballane is crazy and his own favorite. Looking at the chemistry of these two artists, it would not be wrong to say that the friendship of these two is very deep. This post of Rohit came at a time when the news of relationship between these two has become common. Now both can tell what is true. However, how did you like this cute little message of Rohit Suchanti, please comment.


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