Academy Awards
From the left, Marina de Tavira, Jarizza Apalcio

For Alfonso · Cureon director work, the 91st Academy Award Work Award nomination film ” ROMA / Roma “, the leading actress award nominee Yarizza · apalicio and supportive actress nominated marina de Tavira , February 11 (local time ) At the AOL holding event in New York.

This work is a work that Cureon director of the movie ” Zero Gravity ” draws the daily life of a middle-class family from a maid’s perspective, set in Mexico in the 1970’s, based on his own childhood experiences. Young lady Creole (Yarizza), a blood of indigenous people, worked as a maid of Mexico City · Roman middle class family couple Sophia (Marina) and Antonio. However, gradually becoming to think of the four children of the house like their own children, the feelings of protecting them become stronger.

This work that has already won numerous awards. Regarding reasons for attracting people’s attention to such a degree, Yarizza says, “There are many themes studied in this work, maybe they gave emotion by having people’s empathy with many elements “. Meanwhile, Marina said “Alfonso” “In this sense, it is a scar of the childhood in a way that everyone has, there are also some who have many scars in it, somewhere in my childhood Although everyone loses something, I think that there was a person who should appreciate when everyone was in their childhood difficulties. “That’s why everyone, this time his life is his own life I think that it seemed to me, “I answered as if to haste.

About Tag with Alfonso “The thing that worked best with him was that he confidently gave me confidence, he gave me confidence in myself and my work “Yarizza. As opposed to it, Marina was asked a considerable challenge because the actress with acting experience was only himself, revealing that it was difficult at first. “When Yarizza is approaching acting with a great sense, I acted rather taking off from the head (what I learned as acting), but Alfonso took it as time passed It was an environment that made it easy for us to perform (including those without experience of acting) In fact, since we did not read the screenplay at all, what we do today every time we go to the set every day , I decided to know what kind of experience the character would experience, so I could look back like a real life experience. ”

On the scene where Sophia talks to Creo that all women are lonely (alone), Marina says “Sofia has returned to the house with a little drunk and sees Preure of about 8 months pregnant , for although their came from a completely different world, notice that you are trying to the same kind of experience. it is left alone in the house, we are faced with that you are in the mother. it tied the girls gonna be in it go. we mother also would produce a frank conversation that to the presence of the father in the stronger ones. in Mexico the society, fathers have to work at a child in the house anything not be blamed also, I have been seems normal. house mother at the patriarch, most of the children grew up without barely see his father, without knowing well be his father is actually any person It is also because it grows, “he said.


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