Roommate Of Tv Nalini Negi, Along With Mother, Beat Her Badly And Tries To Kill Her

The TV show ‘Naamkaran’ fame is fought by Nalini Negi with her roommate. Nalini alleges that when they asked their room mate Preeti Rana and her mother to vacate the house, they both beat Nalini badly. The actress suffered a facial injury in the fight. Currently, the actress has lodged an FIR at Oshiwara Police Station.

Nalini told the whole story in a conversation with Spotboy. According to the actress, she and Preity used to live together, but then Nalini decided to shift to Oshiwara alone. Recently, Preity contacted her again and told that she does not have a house to live. Preity requested that Nalini take her with her for a few days so that she could find a house by then. Preity also stayed with Nalini for a few days, but in the meantime Nalini asked Preeti to vacate the house, as her parents were going to stay for a few days.

Nalini told, when I told Preeti to vacate the house, she agreed, but after a few days her mother also came to live there. I thought she might have come to shift her home. Last week, when I was going to the gym, Preity’s mother suddenly started quarreling with me. Not only this, he told Preeti that I am talking to him insolently.

‘Upon hearing this, Preeti also started talking to me profusely. I tried to explain something to him so that his mother did not attack me. They first hit me with a glass and then together they beat me badly. They almost tried to kill me. Nalini said, Preity and her mother’s plan was to spoil my face, because I am an actress. Nalini’s parents are with her at the moment ‘.


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