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The Episode begins with Dinesh and his parents coming to Shamsher’s house. Kinjal is going to Jigna and informs her. Jigna panics and gets greatly surprised. She tells Roop that she is getting reminded of the torture on her. Bua greets them and tells Kamla that Shamsher did right and referred to as her inlaws. Kamla says however….Bua says your daughter’s destiny is right that her husband came to take her. She asks if she don’t need Kinjal’s marriage. Dinesh and his dad and mom inform that they may be apologetic and came to take Jigna home. Roop says i will go and pay attention them. Kamla says ultimate time. Dinesh says he is feeling ashamed on his doings and left all his bad conduct, and came to take Jigna to rectify his mistake. Shamsher says it is ideal which you have realized it and asks him to sit down. Roop tells Jigna that

Dinesh apologized to Papa and Mummy. Jigna says I recognise that guy can by no means change and says she don’t want to move. Roop says i’m with you. Ishika says even me, we will tell them. Jigna tells Kinjal that she don’t want to move. Roop thanks Dinesh for coming and says there’s a small hassle, which I want to inform you. He says Jigna behen didn’t realize which you all are coming so she is a chunk shocked.

Shamsher asks him no longer to talk nonsense? Roop says you knew that they’re coming, however didn’t tell us. He tells that Jigna is not equipped to go along with them mentally. Shamsher asks him no longer to intrude. Roop says we haven’t forgotten how they behaved together with her. He says I instructed that until jija ji comes right here and apologizes, Jigna behen can’t move, however as she is refusing, she will not cross. Shamsher asks are you going to call Jigna or shall i am going? kamla says your Papa is right and goes to call Jigna. She tells her that a lady appears exceptional within the sasural, and asks her to go back. Jigna says however…Kamla asks her to neglect her ache and tells that wife’s recognize is with her husband. She folds her hand and asks her to try once. Kamla asks Ishika to get her geared up and asks Kinjal to percent her bag.

Ishika covers jigna’s head with pallu and takes her out. Dinesh asks Jigna to come back. Jigna says I don’t want to move. Shamsher shockingly asks what ? Dinesh asks what do you mean? Shamsher says she can go with you currently itself. He asks her to say yes. Jigna says I don’t need to head. Kamla says she will be able to convey her and will make her recognize. Shamsher says i’m able to drop her to her sasural within the morning. Bua provokes Shamsher. Roop tells Shamsher that there is a trouble in that house if Jigna is so scared to move there. Shamsher says enough. He asks if you may inform me what’s proper or incorrect. He says even he raised his hand on Kamla, but loves her too. He says wife’s hand is in the back of her husband and tells Jigna if she knows that she is incorrect. He says if she don’t go to her sasural then she is useless for him. Kamla attempts to convince Jigna. Jigna says my parents don’t me to live here, and says if I go to sasural this time then i can die for you for all time.

Roop 5th February 2019 Written Update Precap: Samru tells Roop that Shamsher feels stressed as he didn’t emerge as police officer. Shamsher asks him not to lead them to understand and asks all of us to head.

Roop 5th February 2019 Written Episode Update

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