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Roop comes to Shamsher and says if you are irritated then dont drink wine, you may beat everyone however dont drink this much. Shamsher says okay, i’m so satisfied nowadays so I promise to no longer drink wine. Roop thinks that quickly he will become first-rate.

In morning, all see news. Himani is in press conference. Reporter asks what she will be able to do subsequent in case? Ishika remembers how she called Jigna in night and advised her to find out why Himani backed faraway from case, Roop is probably in the back of it, you need to locate fact. Later Jigna referred to as her and tells her that her mom in law forced her to back away. Ishika referred to as Himanshu and instructed him truth, she asks him to convince her to no longer go away this. Himanshu says but she took her selection. Ishika sees Roop coming and ends call, Flashback ends. Reporter asks Himani if she left case? Himani says no, i am absolutely concerned in this example. Shamsher says i’m able to shoot her these days.

Parag meets Roop and indicates him cash, he says ask Himani to take this money and depart this case otherwise she will be killed through that goon.

Ishika and Kinjal comes to university and tells predominant about Himani and her fulfillment. most important permits her to carry Himani in college. Ishika says to Kinjal that Himani wont lower back out when human beings praise her. She calls Roop and tells him that university desires to praise Himani. Roop says thats a very good concept. He ends name and says i have a plan.

Kamla involves Himani and asks why she cameback to this example? Himanshu comes there and says I advised her to not back away, i’m happy with her. Kamla says i am so happy that she has husband such as you.

Himani involves college. fundamental honors her. Ishika and Roop are there. Reporter is masking television. Commissioner comes there and forestall it. He assessments gift containers and that they discover a few cash. Commissioner says Himani is alleged to have taken bribe in alcohol case, that is all black money. Flashback shows how Roop and Parag had positioned those money. Commissioner says to Himani that you are fired from task, he asks Himanshu to arrest her. Ishika asks Roop to do something. Roop says I cant do something. Ishika says stop. Ishika says I took this bribe so arrest me. Himani asks what are you announcing? Ishika looks at Roop and says I need to convey a person to senses. Roop says to Ishika that I know what you are doing, prevent it. Ishika says to Commissioner that Himani become forced to depart this example, I took bribe to make her away from this situation. Arrest me. Himani says her crime was no longer verified and we dont have warrant so we could take her to police station. Parag says to Roop that your spouse have positioned Himani in hazard.

Himani’s mom in regulation calls Kamla and says what form of daughter you have, they have destroyed our respect, your daughter and daughter in regulation are shameless. humans begin protesting out of doors Shamsher’s house. Bua asks them to depart. they all chant towards Ishika. Shamsher angrily leaves and brings gun. He shoots in air. Kamla asks him to chill out. man says you were arrested in bribe case too, complete family is liar.

Precap: Kamla tells Roop that Shamsher has locked himself in room. Roop attempts to deliver him out. Roop receives name that Himanshu is kidnapped.

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Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 11 April 2019
Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 11th April 2019
Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 11 April
Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 11th April


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