Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 12th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Himani will lose hope from this relation. Roop seems away and thinks every now and then we should be far from our very own to defend them. Inspector tells commissioner that we investigated, Ishika and Himani are not concerned in any bribery case. They go away Ishika. Ishika asks Commissioner that Himani will nonetheless this situation proper?

Shamsher is drinking wine and recalls his insult because of Himani and Ishika.

Commissioner tells that Himani will lead this example. Ishika says thank you, while Himani was blamed, I knew I needed to shop her, she can never do that and truth is out, she is an sincere officer. Commissioner says i’m proud of you Ishika. He tells Himani that we want to give you bravery medal, the following day will be a feature. Himani says I need to present criminal in court docket tomorrow first. Commissioner says incredible and leaves.

Roop thinks that Himani’s existence is in chance. He calls Parag but his telephone is off.

At night time, Kamla is tensed and looking forward to Ishika. Bua asks what befell? Roop and Ishika comes there. Kamla tells him about people chanting towards Ishika and the way Shamsher have locked himself in room. Roop goes to knock on door and breaks it. He comes inner to see Shamsher napping and wine bottles there. He sees him retaining medals and covers him with blanket. Roop thinks that i used to be about to make him go away wine but now his life is in danger.

Scene 2
Roop comes to Ishika and holds her hand. She says depart it. Roop says its smooth to do mistake but not clean to erase it. Ishika is putting off chants in opposition to her from walls. Roop says how can you put off disrespect from our relation? Ishika says in case you hold retaining my hand like this then our relation can be respected. Roop leaves her hand. Ishika says i’m unhappy that you left my hand, day after today is Himani’s honor characteristic, please do come and i can no longer do whatever. She unfortunately seems at him and leaves.

Himanshu calls Himani and asks her to consume dinner, she says i’ve work, I can be past due. He says ok, take care.

In morning, Roop says i am not going to Himani’s characteristic. Shamsher says all have long past mad here. Ishika leaves with Kamla and Bua to market.
Roop calls Parag and asks in which are you? Parag says goon have given Himani’s challenge to a hitman. they’ve kidnapped Himanshu and could shoot Himani when she reveals truck driver.

Himani tells officials that i will pressure this truck to court.

Ishika says to Bua that if we dont visit Himani’s feature then Himani’s inlaws can be indignant and media could be there. Bua says dont worry, we can move.

Ishika brings Kinjal, Kamla and Bua to Himani’s characteristic. Himani’s inlaws greet them. Bua asys its desirable to be here. Ishika sees Parag there and goes to him. She says I see you with Roop. Parag says we are friends, in which is he? Ishika says he’ll come later. Ishika says I want to request you to take Himani’s image and print it in newspaper, Roop ought to experience proud.

PRECAP- motive force says to Himani that reflect onconsideration on this, you have got 1KM to reflect onconsideration on it. You need to save your husband or your career? Roop jumps on truck too.


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