Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 13th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.Me 

Kamla says to Roop that I dont have cash to buy cement however i have used mud to make this wall, whilst it dries, it will stick and we can have wall rebuilt. Roop hugs her.

Roop comes to his room and sees Ishika dozing. He tucks her in and says i am sorry, it changed into my fault, i hope you forgive me, I experience incomplete while you are miffed with me. He lies on bed. Ishika is wide awake and looks on.

Ishika wakes up in morning and smiles seeing roses there. She sees room embellished. Roop comes there and says top morning. He shows her sorry card. She turns away and smiles. He says please. She silently leaves from there. She is available in washroom and sees sorry written on reflect. She laughs.

Ishika gets prepared and sees breakfast with sorry observe. She blushes and eats parathas,she says its flavor. Roop comes and asks if she will be able to forgive now? Ishika says not easily. Roop says you need me to do take a seat ups? Ishika says yes and you need to reward me too. He does sit down usaand says your face, smile, eyes are so lovely that i’m mesmerized. Kamla comes there and says she is clever too. Ishika stops Roop. Kamla says you made him do what I couldnt. They snigger.

Kamla, Roop and Ishika are making wall of dhaba. Shamsher comes out of house angrily. Samru stops him and says if we destroy wall then they’ll make it again, we need to do some thing to forestall them. I have to cross on their aspect so I recognize what they’re planning. Shamsher asks him to move.
Samru involves Ishika and Roop, he says i can help too. He starts offevolved making wall with them and smirks at Shamsher. Roop asks Ishika to change garments, it will be easier to paintings.

Shamsher is asking for water. Ishika brings it. She is carrying a protracted get dressed. She starts to depart. Shamsher says you’re sporting a denims and going out to work? you are our daughter in law and ought to observe our rules, our daughter in laws dont put on these type of garments and dont go to paintings. Ishika says my love for family wont reduce and my respect will stay intact, my aim is to help my husband for his success. Shamsher makes a line on door with powder and says its lakshman rekha, in case you pass it and go to paintings then you definately cant comeback, I dont take my phrases again, our daughter in legal guidelines work in house not out of doors, thats your duty. Ishika says i’m able to fulfill my obligation. Shamsher says its accurate you understand. Ishika goes and brings mop. Kamla asks what she is doing? Ishika says doing my responsibility. She begins mopping ground and cleans Shamsher’s lakshman rekha. All are shocked. Shamsher shouts what she is doing? Ishika says you stated its my duty to do household chores so I wiped clean all mess, there’s no line to move for me now. She says I preferred while you called me daughter in regulation, thank you, I did my duty as daughter in regulation, now i am going to help my husband as a wife, bless, she touches his toes, he actions away. Ishika smiles and leaves. Shamsher is angry.

Precap:- Roop comes to Naven’s residence and asks wherein is she? ,, says she ranaway from here, that princess isn’t home for two days. His mother says that she destroyed our admire. ,, asks if she isn’t always here and no longer at your house then wherein is she? Roopa grabs his collar and says my sister is lacking, if something takes place to her then I wont spare you.

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