Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 13th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Shamahser says to Roop that you may cross lower back. Roop says dont worry, we will sit down and have a speak, we dont need to combat.

Ishika says to cook dinner that cook dinner rapid, you aren’t making it quality. Ishika serves to humans. human beings says its no longer desirable, they leave. Ishika is worried. Kamla says dont fear, i’m able to handle kitchen for sooner or later. Ishika thinks where is Roop?

Roop brings Shamsher to market and shows him man who insulted Shamsher. Roop goes to guy and starts throwing vegetables at him. Shamsher laughs and says shall we go and eat something. They both take a seat on bike and go away.

Ishika and Kamla are running in kitchen. Ishika asks her to go and relaxation. kerosene falls in kitchen and dhaba catches fireplace. Manish tries to wish water and stop hearth. He extinguishes it. Ishika calls Roop but he ends name. Roop is practicing shooting with Shamsher. Ishika tries to call him returned. Kamla says dont fear, we are able to clean it. Ishika asks her to head and relaxation, i’m able to handle. Kamla nods and leaves.

Ishika is watching for Roop at night time. She sees Roop and Samsher coming there drunk. Shamsher is going. Roop asks Bua to convey glass. Ishika glares at him and says wherein had been you? I kept calling you and also you didnt even name again, you know dhaba stuck on fire. Roop says you handled it, dont be irritated, whats the need? Shamsher comes there. Roop asks to bring pakoras. Shamsher says I dont need it. Roop says its our dhaba handiest. Ishika leaves. Roop asks Kamla what passed off to her.

Ishika remembers Roop’s phrases and is hurt. Kamla comes there with milk and says I realize Roop is not behaving proper, its because he is consuming. you could communicate to him later. Ishika thank you her. Kamla leaves.

Roop is drinking wine with Shamsher. Roop is taking part in with him while Ishika waits for him and receives sleepy. Roop says i am coming.

Roop comes in room and sees Ishika drowsing on couch. He places blanket on her. She wakes up and says I need to talk, what’s all this? you have been not worried about circle of relatives and dream dhaba? I dont like this transformation in you. Roop says whats your problem? Ishika says Shamsher gets drunk and you are doing same. Roop says that is among me and my father. Ishika says you need to pay attention. Shamsher comes there so Roop ignores Ishika and leaves. Kamla sees all of it this.

In morning, Kamla says to Ishika that Roop left with Shamsher. Ishika nods.

Ishika involves dhaba and recollects her memories with Roop. Ishika sees a few letters and says Roop could be glad to peer it, i can pass and inform him.

Roop involves police station with Shamsher. Shamsher is concerned. All officers come there and greet him. Roop says how should you humans doubt him whilst he have served so much. Shamser says my son saved me, now i am again.

PRECAP- Roop says to at least one goon that nobody disappoints my father, bring right tea for him. He throws tea away. Ishika comes there and asks to talk. Roop says this isn’t always your lawn.


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