Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 15th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Roop comes to woman on street and says a jeep will come however you need to forestall it, he offers er money. Himani’s truck comes infront of lady. Himani stops. Roop jumps on returned of truck. driving force says what’s going to you do Himani?

Himanshu is kidnapped by goons, goon says we are looking forward to your spouse to come back. Himani arrives there and points gun at driving force. She asks goon to go away Himanshu. Goon says in case you need to cry then cry, we will snort. Himani says you’ll cry any further, i can leave your guy in case you go away my husband. Goon shoots driver and says he’s long past, he become a idiot, all police people knew him, I dont want to be helpless. inform me you want to die as married girl or as widow? Himani is tensed as goon points gun at Himanshu, she says no let us pass, i’ve added alcohol truck here. Goon says you were disloyal to department by way of coming here and now not going to courtroom so its better if I kill you.

Shamsher is asking round for Roop and says dont know what my children are doing.Roop comes to goon’s den and throws goon’s gun away. Roop and Himani starts offevolved beating them.

All are looking forward to Himani to come back to function. Ishika says she must be solving things. Ishika calls band and aarti plate. She asks Kamla to do her aarti. Bua asks band to follow her. Kinjal hugs her and says you’re doing what Roop might do. Ishika says dont fear.

Roop fights with goons. some goons seize him. Goon breaks bottle on his head. Roop turns into dizzy.

Commissioner receives name and says I cant accept as true with that Himani could be disloyal.

Goon grabs Himani and Roop. Goon says i can kill Roop first. Himmani says let him go. Roop says i’m no longer shared of loss of life like you. Roop snatches his gun and says what you want before death? He frees Himani and Himanshu. Shamsher involves function. Ishika asks where is Roop? Shamsher says he was not home and no longer picking up call.

Reporter asks commissioner where is Himani? did she visit goons? did she cheat you all? Ishika says she is a faithful officer, dont say that. Roop comes there in truck. He makes goon receives arrested. Ishika asks what passed off to him? Roop says Himani went there to keep Himanshu, I went there to save them, i’m sorry but Himani couldnt cope with all this by myself, I needed to shop her, i am Shamsher’s son, he taught me to guard this uniform and i covered recognize of police, you shouldnt have trusted a girl. Shamsher says i’m so proud of you Roop. Commissioner says we are thankful. Roop asks Ishika why she is silent? you wont take Himani’s aspect? you still think that Himani deserve this medal? solution me. Flashback suggests how Roop referred to as Himani and advised her that you aren’t going to court docket, I know that, just do what you have been doing, i can come to store your life too. Himani says too method? Roop says sure, I need to keep a person else’s lifestyles too. Flashback ends. Commissioner says Roop deserves this medal and Himani could be suspended. All are taken aback.

Precap Upcoming Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop Episode Update: Roop requests commissioner to present his medal to Shamsher. Shamsher takes medal and hugs Roop. Ishika seems on.


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