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Commissioner says Himani is suspended for now not following regulation. Ishika says no, anybody might do that to save her husband. Himani says dont say anything, she takes to the air her badges. Commissioner calls Roop on degree. Roop brings Shamsher on degree and makes him provide medal to Roop. Himani and Himanshu seems on. Shamsher hugs him and smiles. Bua makes band play and goes to do Shamsher and Roop’s tilak. Ishika appears on. Roop says i’m able to start police education from tomorrow. Shamsher says i’m able to be part of obligation from the next day. Roop thank you Himani.

Roop gets prepared and says Shamsher will drink wine being happy, he makes him a glass and mixes bloodless drink in it. Ishika comes there and is tensed. She seems at medal. He asks what are doing? Ishika says i will continually recollect this medal’s well worth so shall we hold it along with your burnt matters. Roop says ideal, my spouse have to be in my celebration, he offers her a dress and says we ought to pretend to be a thankfully married couple. he takes wine glasses and leaves. Ishika appears at wine bottles.

All are enjoying Roop’s birthday celebration. Jigna and Dinesh comes there too. Kamla pulls Jigna apart and asks how are you? She says i’m pleasant however Manish.. Kamla asks her to loosen up. Himani and Himanshu comes there. Bua asks who called them? Roop says I referred to as them, we go to their capabilities so why cant they? Himani thanks Roop for saving her and her husband’s existence. Shamsher says seeing you without uniform makes me want to bless you. Himani touches his ft. Shamsher blesses them and says our doorways are open for you to any extent further. Himani hugs him. Kamla hugs her too. Bua brings sweets for them and says Roop introduced circle of relatives together, best Ishika is closing. where is she? Kamla says she is getting geared up. Roop says i will cross and test.

Roop comes in room and sees Ishika under the influence of alcohol. he is stunned. Ishika comes to him and says I drank a little, I observe my husband, you drink daily so I drank a little, its correct, now your party, lets move. Roop says you wont visit birthday party. Ishika says its my husband’s party, I wont do some thing, she runs from there.

Ishika is available in party and starts dancing funnily on bawri. She pulls Roop and dances round him. All are taken aback seeing her antics. She beverages bloodless drink. Roop stops her and says include me, dont do drama. Ishika says you could do any drama however nobody says whatever? why? because you do what you need, due to the fact you are Roopendra Singh Waghela, all are exceptional because they cant see your mistakes. Roop tries to take her but Ishika stops and says your sons did incorrect and that they have been punished, Roop is doing wrong but nobody says something. One visitor says she is drunk so announcing all fact. Ishika says to Himani that you were sturdy, I went in opposition to concerned about you however you gave away your uniform due to the fact you have become susceptible? Ishika says a girl involves her inlaws thinking she will have a happy existence, the whole thing could be first-rate however here.. no one is satisfied except guys of this residence. Shamsher glares at her.

Precap: Ishika says to Shamsher that you get inebriated everynight and do antics but nobody says anything because you’re a man? Shamsher says you’ll preach me in my residence most effective? He attempts to throw her out however Ishika’s mom says sorry.

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Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 16 April 2019
Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 16th April 2019
Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 16 April
Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 16th April


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