Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 16th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Ishika says to Jigna that they all broke your connection and sent you to Dinesh without asking you what you need, they couldnt see a young lady getting a decoration and got her suspended and they are praising this today? I adored Roop, I saw dreams with him, I opened dhaba with him yet he broke all fantasies. Shamsher yells enough. Ishika says really.. I drank some wine, sorry, you drink wine everynight and do these jokes yet no one says anything since you are a man? Shamsher says how could you say anything to me in my home, he is going to toss her out yet Ishika’s mom says she completed a slip-up, sorry. Ishika says dont do it. She asks Ishika to not utter a word and express sorry to learn. Bua tosses water at her. Kamla makes her crease hands and says she is stating sorry. Shamsher says dont do this once more. Shamsher says to visitors that today is greatest day for me, my child did right by me.

All are getting a charge out of gathering. Shamsher says to Roop that its great to see all relatives together, I dont need wine any longer so I am discarding it. He puts glass down and says I won’t drink wine from today. Roop grins reviewing the amount he needed to for this guarantee. Shamsher says lets make the most of our gathering. Roop hits the dance floor with Shamsher. Shamsher drinks juice with Roop and leaves. Himani says to Roop that you did it, you left everything you could ever hope for him, she embraces him.

In morning, Ishika has headache, she comes to kitchen however Bua requests that her leave, Kamla says she completed a misstep, pardon her. Bua says she isn’t a child, Ishika leaves.

Kamla says to Ishika that dont feel terrible about Bua’s words.

Roop prepares in police uniform. Shamsher puts his identification on and says I was biting the dust to see you like this, you will get numerous decorations, he embraces him.

Kinjal opens entryway. Himani comes there. Roop and Shamsher comes there wearing garbs. Bua says you both look extraordinary. Himani says I brought sugar and yogurt for them. Kamla asks Ishika to make Roop eat it. Bua says she won’t petition God for his prosperity. Roop imagines that I cannot torment them more, I will advise truth to Ishika and Jigna as well. He leaves with Shamsher. Ishika goes to her folks house.

Roop and Shamsher comes to police headquarters. Auditor says child will be courageous like dad. Roop imagines that I fulfilled dad however I need to tell Jigna and Ishika. Roop calls specialist and says dont educate anybody concerning Shamsher’s condition at home, disclose to me anything you need to.

Shamsher is checking records. Roop comes there and educates him regarding a case. Shamsher goes. Roop calls Jigna yet her telephone is occupied. Jigna calls Ishika and says thank you for calling. Jigna says dont comprehend what has happened to Roop. Ishika says I dont know why Himani did that. Ishika sees Roop calling and says I wont converse with him. She closes call and accepts Roop’s call, she says dont converse with me, dont call once more, she closes call. Ishika’s mother asks what’s happening with you? the previous evening you drank wine and saying this for Roop now?

Precap Upcoming Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop Episode Update: Roop says in vehicle mouthpiece that he did the majority of the represents his dad as his life is in peril so I needed to conflict with my family. Shamsher and Jigna hears it.


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