Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 16th May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Shamsher says to Roop that do my paintings, he calls Ishika and says Roop will drop you. He tells Roop to drop her, she goes to have food with Abhay. Roop is going with Ishika. Bua says to Seva that do something speedy before Roop receives again with Ishika.

Ishika and Roop are in car. Ishika tells him guidelines however he follows every other route. Ishika says i am getting overdue. Roop takes a turn, Ishika falls on him. They proportion eyelock. Ishika moves away. Their car stops. Roop is going to test car and engine heated up. Ishika says dont understand in which we are, I dont even have community in telephone, you took this course, I cant see anyone here to take help. Roop says wait for someday, why you’re argue on everything? Ishika says you keep arguing with me, I did a mistake by means of trusting you. She looks away.

Kinjal is looking for Ishika however Bua says she left with Roop. Shamsher says Ishika loves Abhay, she will flow on. Abhay comes there and says Ishika isn’t with me. Shamsher says she didnt arrive? He says no.

Roop says to Ishika that i’m sorry, I desired to see you glad, always. I did what I concept became proper but it was now not proper for you, you hate me that’s great however I recognize you dont love Abhay then why marry him? Ishika says whom I loved, that individual left me. Roop says Abhay isn’t proper for you. Ishika grabs his collar and says what do you need? to sulk for you for life? You married a person else so what do you need? That I live in your home and people call me your.. Roop stops her. Ishika says you gave me pain, if you loved me then you definately might have notion about me. Roop says I usually cherished you and i like.. Seva arrives there and sees them preserving fingers. Seva says shall we go domestic. Roop movements far from Ishika and nods.

Priest is checking dates. Ishika, Roop and Abhay arrive there. Priest says we’ve got precise date for the following day. Shamsher says we can do marriage the following day. Roop is tensed.

Roop comes to room and asks Seva if she has any query? She says are we able to go on honeymoon the following day?

Ishika comes to Abhay. Abhay says Roop loves you however he doesnt stand with you, you ought to flow on with someone who can maintain your hand in life, I may be that person, i will marry you. Ishika says you’re my friend, we had been acting to make Roop recognize it. Abhay laughs and says i was performing, I pray that Roop realizes that he loves you simplest, i hope my acting and Shamsher’s plan works. Ishika says you’re a great actor. They go away. Roop hears all that.

Roop comes to circle of relatives and says we dont have any feature nowadays? He says to Ishika which you are a terrific actress, you all should get award, I were given to recognise that the whole thing was a drama, that groom hunt and everything, Shamsher turned into making plans towards me too? wow, you humans notion that i can alternate my decision? I married Seva, marriage isn’t a funny story. Shamsher says we didnt ask you do anything. Roop says you have been mendacity in your son handiest? I shouldnt be affected, it doesnt matter to me. Ishika says I dont care anymore too, i am marrying day after today. Roop says prevent acting. Ishika says to Roop that i will take a seat in mandap day after today for wedding. Roop says i’m able to move on honeymoon tomorrow too, Seva is my wife and have to have those rights. He leaves.

Seva says to Roop that if you dont want to do then its excellent. Roop says we have to depart early morning, fall asleep.

In morning, Roop and Seva come in living room and notice residence getting adorned. Roop says prevent pretending. Ishika says its no longer a drama, Abhay proposed me and that i said sure, this marriage will manifest nowadays. Abhay says sure, its genuine.

PRECAP- Roop and Seva are in car. Ishika is getting equipped for wedding ceremony. Roop’s car strikes with pole. They both get injured. Ishika thinks why I experience Roop is in risk?


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