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Ishika and Roop are in vehicle. Ishika reveals to him headings however he pursues another way. Ishika says I am getting late. Roop goes ahead, Ishika falls on him. They share eyelock. Ishika moves away. Their vehicle stops. Roop goes to check vehicle and motor warmed up. Ishika says dont know where we are, I dont even have organize in telephone, you took this way, I cannot see anybody here to take help. Roop says hang tight for at some point, why you are contend on everything? Ishika says you keep contending with me, I completed a slip-up by confiding in you. She turns away.

Kinjal is searching for Ishika yet Bua says she left with Roop. Shamsher says Ishika adores Abhay, she will proceed onward. Abhay comes there and says Ishika isn’t with me. Shamsher says she didnt arrive? He says no.

Roop says to Ishika that I am grieved, I needed to see you glad, dependably. I did what I thought was correct however it was not directly for you, you loathe me which is fine yet I know you dont love Abhay then why wed him? Ishika says whom I adored, that individual left me. Roop says Abhay isn’t directly for you. Ishika snatches his neckline and says what do you need? to sulk for you forever? You wedded another person so what do you need? That I remain in your home and individuals consider me your.. Roop stops her. Ishika says you gave me torment, on the off chance that you cherished me, at that point you would have contemplated me. Roop says I constantly cherished you and I adore.. Seva touches base there and sees them clasping hands. Seva says gives up home. Roop moves from Ishika and gestures.

Minister is checking dates. Ishika, Roop and Abhay touch base there. Cleric says we have great date for tomorrow. Shamsher says we will do marriage tomorrow. Roop is strained.

Roop comes to room and asks Seva in the event that she has any inquiry? She says would we be able to go on special first night tomorrow?

Ishika comes to Abhay. Abhay says Roop cherishes you yet he doesnt remain with you, you should proceed onward with somebody who can hold your submit life, I can be that individual, I can wed you. Ishika says you are my companion, we were acting to make Roop acknowledge it. Abhay chuckles and says I was acting, I supplicate that Roop understands that he cherishes you just, I trust my acting and Shamsher’s arrangement works. Ishika says you are a decent on-screen character. They leave. Roop hears all that.

Roop comes to family and says we dont have any capacity today? He says to Ishika that you are a decent on-screen character, all of you ought to get grant, I became more acquainted with that everything was a dramatization, that groom chase and everything, Shamsher was arranging against me as well? amazing, you individuals imagined that I will change my choice? I wedded Seva, marriage isn’t a joke. Shamsher says we didnt ask you do anything. Roop says you were misleading your child as it were? I shouldnt be influenced, it doesnt matter to me. Ishika says I dont care any longer as well, I am wedding tomorrow. Roop says quit acting. Ishika says to Roop that I will sit in mandap tomorrow for wedding. Roop says I will go on wedding trip tomorrow as well, Seva is my significant other and ought to have those rights. He leaves.

Seva says to Roop that in the event that you dont need to do, at that point its fine. Roop says we need to leave early morning, rest.

In morning, Roop and Seva come in parlor and see house getting enriched. Roop says quit imagining. Ishika says it is anything but a dramatization, Abhay proposed me and I said indeed, this marriage will happen today. Abhay says indeed, its actual.

Precap Upcoming Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop Episode Update: Roop and Seva are in vehicle. Ishika is preparing for wedding. Roop’s vehicle hits with post. The two of them get harmed. Ishika supposes why I feel Roop is in threat?


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