Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 18th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Ishika says to Shamsher that you are breaking your son’s dreams. Roop comes there and says no person can speak to my father like that, say sorry. Ishika says I didnt do anything wrong. He grabs her hand and asks her to say sorry. Kamla says however.. Roop says no. Ishika folds hand, says sorry to Shamsher and leaves. Shamsher tells Roop to no longer fear and attention on becoming constable.

Kamla involves Ishika and says everything could be exceptional. Ishika says Roop came to me however he left earlier than I could talk. Himani, Kinjal and Jigna comes there and say that Roop got here to talk to us, he referred to as us to make holi with him. Ishika says we can talk to him collectively and produce our old Roop back. Bua says there are no colours in rangoli. Ishika says Roop will fill colorations. Roop and Shamsher

arrive domestic, they may be both under the influence of alcohol. Shamsher asks what this Himani and Jigna doing right here? Roop says I called them right here. Shamsher says you need my BP to shoot? Roop says you trust me right? He is going inside with Shamsher. Roop says I called them for a special work, we need to stop evil earlier than holi. Kamla asks him to no longer do all this these days. Roop says nobody will question me nowadays, best i will communicate now. Ishika says come inside. Roop says you desired to play holi then we can play. Bua says the entirety is prepared. Roop says today’s holi might be unique and i’m able to bring a few special objects. Roop steps on rangoli. Kinjal says Ishika made it for you. Roop says so what? its finished, destroyed, not a large aspect, he leaves. Ishika says how we can make the whole lot? Kamla says dont fear. Roop comes there and lighting fixtures pyre, all girls takes spherical round it. Roop says we will make all evil die in this hearth, all evil things are on this bag. He says to Himani that where is your police stick? She brings it. Roop suggests Jigna her wedding ceremony album, he offers books to Kinjal, dhaba menu to Kamla and dhaba keys to Ishika. Roop says these are all horrific things, this police stick gives power to Himani, those all matters provide strength to you all which takes away honor of this house. Roop says burn all this and repent. Kamla says but.. Roop says listen to me these days. Ishika says you gave us these dreams, we can now not cross it. Roop says i’m right today, do it otehrwise I understand a way to forcefully make it accomplished. He forcefully takes stick and burn it. Manish attempts to prevent him however Roop says its our circle of relatives be counted, he’s taking the whole thing and burns it. Ishika says that is our dream, we did tough work. Roop says this is burning my residence, my father’s dream so i’m able to all of them. Ishika says no that is our dream and i wont burn it. Roop takes key and throws it in fire. Ishika stops him and says you burned it, now glad? you burned our identification, our goals, the whole lot, why? you probably did wrong, will you be capable of burn pain which you gave us? mom’s tears and sister’s pain, you burned the whole lot that made us, can you give us our Roop back? Roop glares at her.

PRECAP- Roop says i can burn the entirety that is burning my house. He starts offevolved burning his chef cap. Ishika says this is your dream. Roop says this dream made my father unhappy, from now on we are able to comply with Shamsher’s orders simplest.


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