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Girl inspector stops anybody. Panchayat head says it’s our depend so leave. Inspector says you can’t force a woman to be with any man. Head says she destroyed our admire. Roop says she is my sister and feature properly to live her life, we are able to decide in the circle of relatives court. Inspector says to Shamsher that that is occurring with you right here? She says if absolutely everyone attempts to hurt Jigna and Manish then they’ll be arrested, don’t take law in hand. Roop takes Jigna and Manish from there.

Roop brings Jigna to court docket and says don’t be scared, we’re with you. Shamsher comes there and glares at them.

They all take a seat in the courtroom. choose comes and begins the case. lawyer says Jigna wants to take divorce because of home violence. Dinesh’s legal professional says that Jigna did such a lot of mistakes but he loves her so much that he is ready to accept her. He calls an elder member of the panchayat, the man says we noticed Jigna running away together with her lover, she has a further-marital affair. Samru remembers how he gave money to a legal professional of Roop. judge takes a smash. Does Roop ask his attorney why he didn’t query? legal professional says then they’ll prove her affair.

Jigna cries. Ishika says its not her fault. Does Kamla say I didn’t say something to her, however, going for walks away with any other man? it’s now not my upbringing, she leaves. Jigna cries. Ishika says don’t worry, we are with you, I don’t understand why lawyer didn’t say something but Roop will manage the whole thing. Roop hears it and looks on.

The case starts again, legal professional calls Shamsher. Kamla asks Shamsher to no longer say anything in the court docket, we will deal with this problem in our house. the lawyer asks Shamsher if his daughter is innocent? Shamsher says she isn’t always my daughter anymore, i’m ashamed to be her father, I thought to send her again to her husband but she kept lying that they’re merciless, she attempted to run away from inlaws, she is a disgrace for us. Roop says enough, she is your blood, pick out your phrases wisely. choose asks him to stop it. judge says we deliver ultimate hazard to Jigna. Roop stands up and says I want to mention something. decide says say what you need to. Roop takes Jigna to the front. He says to take off your ghunghat. All look on. Jigna takes it off. Roop says take a look at her wound and marks, it suggests how a lot ache she needed to endure, this husband didnt feel her pain? Panchayat head says he loves her too. Roop says this is injustice, no wife should endure violence, they don’t marry devils, I want you to quit their relation, Dinesh beat her so much and that i couldn’t do something, many girls face this however we stay silent because we suppose that woman ought to die in inlaws house most effective, this is making us vulnerable, i am talking right here as a brother, I need to protect my sister, I want to ask for justice, if she doesn’t get justice these days then ladies will fail again. Kamla stands up and says he’s proper. She says i was towards divorce but there may be a limit to endure pain, I’m sorry Jigna. Jigna hugs her and cries. All ladies rise up in support of Jigna. choose says I by no means saw this before, we decide that Jigna is innocent and has proper to have freedom, all girls have proper to take their choices, Dinesh has to pay high-quality and divorce Jigna. He ends case and leaves. Roop hugs Jigna. Dinesh signs and symptoms on divorce papers.

Precap:- Shamsher grabs Manish and says you destroyed my daughter’s lifestyles, I won’t spare you. Roop says go away him, law has given choice, you might not come but they’re getting engaged tomorrow.
Panchayat says to Shamsher that you didnt do some thing however we are able to now not continue to be silent, lets meet tomorrow. Dinesh says sure.

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