Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 19th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

ROOP: Ishika saks Roop if he will convey real Roop again? Himani says
Roop says I wont paintings in kitchen any more. what happiness will you get? Jigna and Kinjal question him too. Kinjal says you changed so much that we cant see our real Roop. Roop says i will end the whole thing that made me stroll on wrong course. He brings kitchen toys set.

Himani says you used to play with those. Roop says that is terrible aspect in my lifestyles, he throws it in hearth, all are taken aback. He shows embroidery cloth which he made in childhood with Jigna. Jigna says what are you doing? Roop says this has to move, he throws it in hearth. He brings doll out of bag which he used to play with Kinjal.

He throws it in hearth. Ishika says what are you doing Roop? Roop says i am doing what is right. He suggests her apron and chef

cap and says i can cease this dream which doesnt make me glad, he throws it in fireplace. He says i’m able to no longer work in kitchen any longer, every body will do what I say any more. Ishika says no, we will now not bow all the way down.

Shamsher says you idiot. Roop calms Shamsher and says no person will come near my father, he takes Shamsher from there.
Roop brings drunk Shamsher in his room and makes him lie down. Roop says i’m able to come, he leaves. Shamsher says he made me proud. Roop brings meals and make shim consume. Shamsher makes him devour too. Shamsher says you did right nowadays,

i am so satisfied, you made me proud. Roop puts him on bed. Shamsher says you are my lion, you proved that you are a person. Roop smiles and leaves from there.
Roop comes out of Shamsher’s room and is in tears.

Ishika says to women that we used to love Roop’s colors and he burned the entirety, dont recognize what happened to him. Roop hears all that. Flashback indicates how shamsher took Roop to bar and drank with him. Roop thinks to go home.

He says we could cross however Shamsher feels ache in stomach so Roop took him to health practitioner. health practitioner tells Roop that he’s confused and ingesting too much, he has to leave ingesting as his liver is swollon so ensure he comes out pressure. Flashback suggests then how Roop took reports to go inspector and pleaded him to give him a hazard to make Shamsher nice.

Flashback shows how Roop tried to speak to family, Ishika taunted him that he doesnt care approximately absolutely everyone other than Shamsher. Flashback ends. Himani says he burned our childhood and didnt even try to talk to us. Flashback indicates how Roop attempted to talk to Jigna, Himani, Kinjal and Kamla but they didnt listen to him and how he determined to address that count. He goes to medical institution and sees Shamsher lacking from there.

Then how he observed Shamsher in bar. Roop says I knew you would be right here. Shamsher says its peaceful right here, i’m so satisfied. Roop is involved that he continues drinking, he thinks to quit his ingesting infection and produce his satisfaction lower back. Roop drinks wine with him and takes complete bottle so Shamsher doesnt drink then how he took him domestic.

Flashback ends. Roop says they didnt pay attention to my helplessness, i will do anything to keep my father, they’ll should do as I say.

PRECAP: Ishika says to Roop that use mouthwash as your mouth stinks of alcohol, I cant endure scent of your acts. Roop says you might be able to bear it if you come out your ego.
Ishika attempts to use color on Roop but he stops her and says we will play holi on this residence when whole family concurs to listen to my orders.


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