Roop Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 20th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.Me

Jigna hugs Ishika. She signs on her divorce papers. Ishika says we should pray to God to get Roop. Kamla hugs him and says he is our hero.

Shamsher grabs Manish outside court docket and says you destroyed my daughter’s existence, I won’t spare you. Roop stops him and says we have gained in the court docket, you may bless or now not however the day after today is Jigna’s engagement and the wedding ceremony, we are able to look forward to your blessing, he leaves. Roop invites all villagers to wedding ceremony and leaves. Samru says to Dinesh that your wife is marrying again, she is getting every other guy and also you couldn’t do something. Dinesh grabs his collar. Samru says you can’t do anything now, you have to have controlled your wife. Dinesh says to Shamsher that she insulted us and you didn’t do anything. Shamsher says court docket gave its selection. Panchayat says we have to solve they returned, they cant insult us like this. Dinesh says i am with you all. Shamsher seems on.

Ishika and Kamla are making ready for Jigna’s engagement.

Preeti is happy for Manish and says don’t do any work. Jigna says to Kamla that Shamsher won’t like every this. Roop comes there and says i am with you.

Roop is doing arrangements for the characteristic. He sees Ishika seeking to tie flowers whilst status on the stool. He grabs her and pulls her as much as help her. Sawariya performs, they share an eyelock. Ishika says a person would possibly see, he says no person will do. They listen Shamsher shouting. Shamsher grabs Jigna. Roop stops him and says we’re your family. Does Shamsher shout that this is a comic story? She isn’t any daughter, that is my house. Roop says she will be able to marry from her brother’s area, she will be able to marry for positive. He asks Ishika to % her bag. Ishika brings Jigna’s bag.

Roop starts leaving with them but Kamla says prevent Roop. Shamsher says let them cross Kamla. Kamla says forestall. She goes and brings her bag as nicely, all are greatly surprised. Shamsher stops her and says you? Kamla says I took your aspect continually and listened to you but whilst you raised hands at your own daughter, you saw her wounds and noticed how Dinesh dealt with her but still, you accused her? what kind of father are you? i used to be constantly a wife but nowadays I could be a mom first. Does Shamsher say what is going to people say? Kamla says I’m able to come back in this residence but first i can marry my daughter without considering the world, I need to have taken this choice before. Shamsher says then go away, I don’t have a region for you people. Roop takes Kamla with him. All go away.

Roop comes back to Shamsher and says come to bless your daughter. Shamsher says you are doing a mistake, you believe you studied panchayat will remain silent? Roop says then stop them, you understand what you can do, you could arrest them, you didn’t put on a uniform to take an aspect of wrong. Shamsher says don’t teach me, this marriage will now not take place. Roop says it’ll appear for sure and try and come too. Samru says to Bua that typhoon is coming.

Kamla buys the ring in the marketplace. She sees Jigna and Manish assisting each other. Ishika comes there. She calls Manish and says we didn’t introduce you to Kamla. Manish thank you her for taking their side, he says i like your daughter, she may be satisfied now. Kamla says I’m satisfied to get son in law such as you, she gives him ring. Roop comes there and says Manish will you marry her these days instead of day after today.

Precap:- Shamsher liquids and says to Samru that I feel like the father of a useless daughter, I want to strangle and kill her. Samru facts it. Ishika and Roop dances in Jigna’s ceremony.


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