Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 23rd April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Ishika and her mother are in market, she gets discombobulated. Ishika influences her to sit and gives her water. A man comes there and welcomes her, he requests that her return home. She says you? Man says your better half helped me a great deal, I became more acquainted with about your home, I can support you. It would be ideal if you accompanied me.

Kishori man conveys Ishika and her mother to his lodging and gives them room. They say thanks to them and leave. Kishori calls Roop and says I did your work. Roop expresses gratitude toward him.

Roop gets man and asks him for what reason he made phony papers? Man supposes I cannot enlighten him regarding Shamsher, he says my customer needed Patel house so I made those papers, I will give it back.

Ishika meets Kamla and says my connection with Roop was of trust and love, its not there so I cant rebound, I cannot bring my mother there. Kamla says I know you dont change your choice, if it’s not too much trouble informed me as to whether you need anything, she leaves. Director calls Ishika and says I am upset for making counterfeit papers, I am giving you your home back. Ishika closes call. Roop imagines that this work is finished.

Ishika and mother goes to their home. Ishika’s mother expresses gratitude toward Roop for getting their home. She asks Roop to open house. Ishika says this is your home, I dont comprehend what he does and why, Roop says hear me out. Ishika says I dont need to tune in. She goes in house and bolts entryway on him.

Ishika comes in house and takes a gander at rose unfortunately. Roop covers up and sees it. Ishika reviews their upbeat minutes together and grins. She gets cut by thistle and supposes I never figured this connection would torment me to such an extent. Roop supposes I need to do it for her. He puts cover on and hijacks her. Ishika’s mother flees.

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Ishika’s mother comes to police headquarters and tells that her little girl is hijacked. Shamsher feels that Roop is behind this. On the off chance that he reveals to her reality, at that point they will end up one, I need to stop them.

Roop conveys Ishika to a mandir. She says you hijacked me? Roop says you were not tuning in to me so I needed to do it. Ishika swings to leave yet Roop snatches her.

shamsher draws close to mandir site and approaches officers to scan for Ishika. They dont discover her.

Roop says to Ishika that you need to hear me out. Ishika says you picked your dad so go to him, I lost, disregard me. She swings to leave yet her dupatta stalls out in a stone. She says Roop let me go. She turns, Roop takes her dupatta off and says hear me out once then you can choose what to do. She says alright. Roop says I was powerless, you are not wrong but rather my dad is battling forever, I thoroughly took care of him, he reveals to her how he found about his liver condition and how he told sisters, I needed to end up barbarous for him. Ishika is shocked and wipes his tears. Ishika says your direction wasn’t right, you cannot make others miserable to make somebody pitiful.

Officer gets piece of information that Ishika is close mandir. Shamsher hears it and supposes I need to reach there first before police as they will capture Roop.

Roop says what? Regardless you think I wasn’t right? Ishika says indeed, man keeps family together however you hurt everybody and your sisters consented to keep one lie up? Roop says we got hitched to keep your dad cheerful. Ishika says yes yet nobody was harmed, he didnt penance anybody’s satisfaction, your dad needs himself glad just, he broke dreams of everybody, he made Himani find employment elsewhere, you had leave your fantasy, imagine a scenario where you quit tuning in to him then he will progress toward becoming against you once more. he ponders himself just, this reasoning isn’t right. Roop yells Ishika.. dont say a word regarding my dad. Ishika says this is truth. Roop says he loves you, he needs to live joyfully. Ishika says no he needs to isolate us. Roop says enough, your sense of self is enormous, you will never get it. Officers come there and says Roop is captured for grabbing Ishika. Shamsher thinks now Roop can’t turn into an officer.

Precap: Officer says Roop is Ishika’s better half so he didnt grab her. Ishika says we dont have connection any longer. Shamsher says to Roop that dont stress, your and Ishika’s connection will be fine. Roop says I dont need to discuss it. He comes to discover a town young lady Seva there. Shamsher smiles.


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