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Officers come to site and is going to capture Roop however Ishika says he didnt hijack me, I came here. Officer says you are his better half? Ishika says connection isn’t there any longer, she leaves. Shamsher is cheerful.

Roop and Shamsher gets back home. Shamsher says there is no reason to worry. Roop says I dont need to discuss Ishika. A town young lady opens entryway. She says I am Seva. Kamla says his dad used to work with Shamsher, they are stuck in an unfortunate situation so he brought her here.

Shamsher sits with Roop and says she is your significant other, converse with her and bring her back. Roop thinks Shamsher needs us together yet Ishika considers terrible Roop. Shamsher supposes I will isolate them. Seva brings sustenance for Roop however he leaves.

Ishika says to her mother that Roop doesnt perceive how wrong is his dad,

I dont recognize what to do. Mother inquires as to whether she needs to spare her marriage? do regardless you adore him? Ishika says yes.

Bua says to Seva that Roop’s significant other doesnt cherish him. Shamsher says he needs to turn into an officer, you have to his shadow to charm him, she gestures and leaves. Shamsher says this young lady is pleasant.

Around evening time, mother brings nourishment for Ishika yet she doesnt eat.

Seva brings sustenance for Roop and requests that he eat. He takes it. She leaves.

Ishika goes to her room and takes a gander at her mangalsutra. She reviews their marriage and miss him. Roop takes a gander at her things in room and miss her as well. Sawariya plays. Seva returns to Roop and endeavors to contact his feet, he says leave, I need to rest, she leaves. Seva returns and attempts to offer back rub to Roop however he sends her away.

Scene 2

In morning, Kamla stops Roop and requests that he eat, he says I am not ravenous. Shamsher comes there and says you need to eat to bring your better half back. Kamla says its great you need to bring her back, we will do pooja for Ishika and Roop.

Entryway ringer rings, Ishika says it must not be Roop. Roop comes inside. She grins. Roop says mother have kept pooja so we can begin our lives together, kindly do come, she gestures. He leaves. Ishika grins. Mother says who came? She says Roop.

Shamsher comes in mandir. Ishika’s mother is there. She says you needed to meet me? Shamsher says I have come to state sorry, your little girl left as a result of me. She is paralyzed.

Bua inquires as to whether Ishika will come to Pooja tomorrow?

Shamsher says to Ishika’s mother that dont advise anything to Ishika as she doesnt like me however I need them to be as one so bring her to pooja tomorrow. She says I will bring her.

Bua says to Roop that you should close past part with Ishika to begin existence with her, request that her express sorry to learn so there is no ill will and you can live cheerfully with her.

Pooja begins. Ishika and her mother Kanchan comes there. Roop is glad to see her. Kamla says Roop and Ishika are beginning new life from today, they will do pooja. Roop says one moment, I need to close old sections, she should express sorry to learn before beginning new part. Ishika says you said we won’t discuss old sections. Roop says you simply need to state sorry, it doesnt make you little. Ishika says its regarding good and bad, you need to begin new life? We will do that independently. Kanchan yells at Ishika that in the event that Shamsher can say sorry to learn, at that point why cant you? Shamsher says I need our children glad.

Precap Upcoming Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop Episode Update: Ishika says to family that this begin isn’t for our harmony however to isolate us, I dont acknowledge this condition, I am doing well thing, she leaves from that point. Roop is shocked.


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