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Ishika says to family that they cannot see truth, this isn’t our begin however to isolate us, I dont acknowledge this condition, we cannot begin new life like this. She removes her mangalsutra, all are staggered. Ishika offers it to Roop and says I am making the wisest decision. Kanchan attempts to stop her however she leaves.

Bua giggles and says to Shamsher that she left yet can rebound. Shamsher says they dont need to see one another, dont know why they dont end it. Bua says they are one from heart. Shamsher says they will break their connection.

Shamsher conveys Roop to separate from legal counselor. Roop says I dont need to isolate from her. Shamsher says Ishika has diverse considerations, on the off chance that she doesnt need to live with you, at that point we cannot drive her, she has distinctive musings. Roop says thank you for

pondering my connection. Shamsher says we can endeavor to request that expert make Ishika change her connection.

Marriage specialist goes to Ishika’s home. Ishika says I dont need any exhortation. Expert says you both cherish one another, issue is you dont talk, sit and converse with one another, issues occur in marriage, you should have positive sentiments for him, allow to marriage, in the event that you don’t think anything is left from marriage, at that point break it, however out it an attempt. Ishika contemplates it.

During the evening, Ishika says how he is commending his birthday without me?

Roop says she didnt even call to wish me, we are that distant from one another? Family comes there with cake and wishes him birthday. Roop says I dont need to celebrate. Jigna says we will commend it like bygone eras. Roop says I need to get up early morning so goodbye.

In morning, Seva endeavors to offer garments to Roop yet he requests that her not contact his things. She leaves. Roop prepares for preparing. Kamla does his aarti, he leaves. Shamsher says to Kamla that ask Ishika to wish him birthday, he is tragic, she gestures and leaves. Shamsher asks Bua to do what she needs to do.

Bua says to Jigna, Himani and Kinjal that Roop is dismal, we ought to have an unexpected birthday for him. Kinjal says he did as such much for us, we can do that for him. They leave. Bua approaches Seva to make something sweet for Roop.

Kamla meets Ishika and says he is tragic, you both are not so far away that you wont even wish him? you dont need to converse with him? She turns away. Kamla says tune in to your heart and come to wish Roop birthday. Kamla leaves. Specialist comes there and inquires as to why she came here? Ishika says she welcomed me to Roop’s birthday. Advisor says you ought to go, this can be initial step to retouch your connection.

Seva makes custard for Roop. Bua says do it quick.

Ishika makes cake for Roop and supposes he is doing as such much so I can do this a lot to spare our connection.

Roop returns home. Family gives him shock. Roop says all adornments. Roop says thank you however I didnt need to commend it. Jigna says Shamsher needed it as well. Shamsher wishes him. Seva wishes him as well. Roop goes to change garments.

Roop is quietly remaining in gathering. Ishika comes there with cake. He is astonished and blows light on cake. Ishika impractically hits the dance floor with him on ishq tha.. Ishika embraces him.. everything ends up being Roop’s fantasy, he supposes I wish she was here. I miss her.

Precap Upcoming Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop Episode Update: Ishika comes to party and says upbeat birthday Roop, I thought to give you greatest bliss of life by liberating you, she gives him legal documents. Roop is paralyzed.


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