Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 25th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

One goon attacks Jigna. Ishika pulls her back, her hand receives wounded.

Samru suggests Shamsher’s video wherein he says that he’s going to kill Jigna. Roop angrily leaves from there.

Ishika and Jigna are in a sanatorium. Roop comes there and is emotional. Roop says I won’t sit down silent. Ishika says a few men become in the helmet, who should try this? Roop says I won’t spare wrongdoer.

Roop calls Bua and asks if she is aware of something? She says no, Shamsher is not right here. Roop ends a call.

Jigna says to Roop that perhaps I shouldn’t marry once more. Roop says don’t worry about something. He calls Manish and says will you take delivery of bride with the wound? He says ask bride to now not fear about anything, i can come these days to take my bride if she agrees. Jigna says I agree. Roop says this marriage will show up at any value.

Ishika brings Jigna to the wedding venue. She does her aarti. Roop thinks I’m able to find out who attacked my sister.

Roop involves police station and says to the inspector that I need to document an FIR in opposition to panchayat, they tried to hit my sister. Inspector says we can’t move against entire panchayat, they’re effective. Roop says if you don’t take the movement in opposition to them then i can take motion towards you. Inspector files an FIR.

Kamla is worried about Jigna. Ishika’s family and Roop come there. they’re all expecting Manish. Kamla comes there and asks Roop what he is hiding? Ishika asks Kamla to pulls his ear. Does Kamla ask in which he went? Jigna says go away him, he ought to have a few crucial works, Roop hugs her. Jigna says i’m able to leave out you all, thanks for doing all that for me. Roop receives emotional. Kamla says we are able to miss you too. Ishika says we can’t be emotional now, we have to have a good time. Roop hugs Jigna and thinks everything may be excellent.

Samru says to Bua that groom is lacking from the wedding.

Roop is expecting Manish and calls him, all are waiting. Ishika asks if he got to know anything? Roop says he isn’t always selecting up, I must go.

Roop involves Manish’s house. His buddies say that Manish is missing, he went to get his sherwani.

Roop involves shop and asks if Manish came here? Tailor says i am watching for him however he didn’t come. Roop thinks Shamsher ought to be at the back of all this. He calls him however Bua takes the name and says Shamsher continues to be missing.

Jigna is worried approximately Manish. Priest says time is passing. Roop comes there. Jigna asks wherein is Manish? Roop gets tensed, he holds her hand and says I don’t think Manish will come. Jigna is stunned and says no, he promised me he will come. She turns to leave but sees panchayat there with Dinesh. Panchayat head says we were given to realize nowadays is your wedding. Does Dinesh ask if bride is strolling away once more? One man smears sand on Roop’s forehead and asks him to appreciate this sand. Roop says time will tell who is respecting and who isn’t always, depart. Panchayat leaves. The priest says time has surpassed, he leaves too. Jigna breaks down. Roop thinks I’m able to locate Manish at any cost.

Precap:- Roop asks Shamsher in which is Manish? Shamsher says I don’t understand something approximately him. Roop finds Manish’s motorcycle in a ditch. He seems round and sees Manish mendacity there.


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