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Bua laughs and says to Shamsher that she left however can comeback. Shamsher says they dont want to peer each other, dont know why they dont stop it. Bua says they may be one from coronary heart. Shamsher says they’ll smash their relation.

Shamsher brings Roop to divorce lawyer. Roop says I dont need to separate from her. Shamsher says Ishika has specific thoughts, if she doesnt want to stay with then you definitely we cant pressure her, she has specific thoughts. Roop says thanks for thinking about my relation. Shamsher says we can try to ask consultant to make Ishika exchange her relation.

Marriage consultant comes to Ishika’s house. Ishika says I dont want any advice. representative says you each love each other, problem is you dont communicate, sit and communicate to each other, issues occur in marriage, you ought to have proper emotions for him, supply every other danger to marriage, in case you suppose not anything is left from marriage then ruin it, however please provide it a strive. Ishika thinks about it.

At night, Ishika says how he is celebrating his birthday without me?
Roop says she didnt even name to wish me, we’re that a ways away from each different? family comes there with cake and needs him birthday. Roop says I dont want to rejoice. Jigna says we are able to have a good time it like old instances. Roop says I must wake up early morning so proper night time.

In morning, Seva attempts to provide clothes to Roop however he asks her to not contact his things. She leaves. Roop gets prepared for training. Kamla does his aarti, he leaves. Shamsher says to Kamla that ask Ishika to desire him birthday, he’s sad, she nods and leaves. Shamsher asks Bua to do what she has to do.

Bua says to Jigna, Himani and Kinjal that Roop is unhappy, we should have a wonder birthday for him. Kinjal says he did so much for us, we are able to try this for him. They go away. Bua asks Seva to make some thing sweet for Roop.

Kamla meets Ishika and says he’s sad, you each aren’t thus far away that you wont even want him? you dont want to speak to him? She seems away. Kamla says pay attention in your coronary heart and come to desire Roop birthday. Kamla leaves. representative comes there and asks why she got here here? Ishika says she invited me to Roop’s birthday. representative says you must cross, this will be first step to mend your relation.

Seva makes custard for Roop. Bua says do it fast.Ishika makes cake for Roop and thinks he is doing a lot so i’m able to do that lots to save our relation.

Roop comes domestic. circle of relatives gives him surprise. Roop says all decorations. Roop says thanks but I didnt want to have a good time it. Jigna says Shamsher desired it too. Shamsher needs him. Seva desires him too. Roop goes to trade clothes.

Roop is silently standing in birthday party. Ishika comes there with cake. he is amazed and blows candle on cake. Ishika romantically dances with him on ishq tha.. Ishika hugs him.. all of it seems to be Roop’s dream, he thinks I desire she changed into here. I leave out her.

Precap: Ishika involves celebration and says glad birthday Roop, I concept to present you biggest happiness of existence by using freeing you, she offers him divorce papers. Roop is greatly surprised.

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Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 26 April 2019
Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 26th April 2019
Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 26 April
Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 26th April


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