Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 26th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Roop tells family about Manish missing. He asks friends to call Manish’s friends. Bua sees this and thinks this will happen with his family.

Roop looks around for Manish whole night. He washes his face in morning. Ishika calls him and asks what is happening? Roop says dont worry, how is Jigna? She says she cried to sleep. Roop gets inspector’s call who tells him that she found Manish’s bike.

Roop comes to site and finds Manish’s bike. He sees Manish lying in bushes and wound on his chest. He takes him from there.

Manish is in OT. Family and Jigna comes there. Roop says he is in OT. Jigna breakdowns and cries.
Doctor treats Manish. Ishika asks Jigna to control herself, dont lose help, everything will be fine. Jigna says

this is all happening because of me, I shouldnt have done that, I cant marry again, I am not good for him. She requests nurse to save him. Roop hugs her.

Roop calls Shamsher and says I want to meet you in police station for a case.

Shamsher meets Roop in police station. Roop says I want you to find man who attacked Manish. Shamsher says ask other inspector to do it, I am doing all this for my family’s respect. Roop says you are not doing right, its your duty as inspector to find culprit. He leaves. Samru thinks that its all dark clouds here.

Jigna cries and tells Ishika that I am not right for him. Dinesh comes there and says Jigna you cant seem to go away from me. Ishika says lets go. Dinesh says I felt bad for Manish, will you find another guy? comeback to me. Roop comes there and grabs him, he says should I remind you again? Kamla says dont create scene here. Roop throws Dinesh out of hospital. Dinesh says I will get Jigna and wont let my respect get tarnished. Roop and Himani slaps him. Himani says dont forget I am in police. Roop asks Jigna to clear his mind once and for all. Jigna recalls his beatings and slaps him hard, she says you dont deserve me, I will never comeback to you. Roop asks Dinesh to leave when he has chance. Dinesh says you have destroyed her thoughts, I wont spare you, he leaves.

Scene 2
Roop tells Jigna to take decision once Manish is awake, dont worry, he will be fine.

Samru comes to Dinesh and says I heard you got beaten by Jigna? Dinesh says Roop dis all this. Samru says Shamsher wont let you hurt Jigna, I can do your work.

In morning. Roop wakes up. Ishika gives him tea and says I know you are upset over what happened, dont be sad, everyone will become sad. Roop says thank you for taking care of my family and me. Roop gets call and says Manish woke up. Jigna and others get happy.

Roop gets call and says how? you cant cancel our contract.

PRECAP- Announcer says we have discarded Roop and his family from our circle, nobody from village will keep relation with them, panchayat have decided that.


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