Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 27th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Roop calls the manager and says it’s our agreement, supervisor ends name. Ishika comes there and says no one is ready to offer groceries to us. Does Roop ask what is going on? An announcer comes there and says Roop and his own family are discarded from our village, no one will keep a relationship with them otherwise they’ll be discarded as nicely. Dinesh comes there in his vehicle. Roop stands on his car. Ishika gives him a mic. Roop says we all recognise how Dinesh and his own family is, are we puppets? we’re all mature and free right here, anybody has the right to preserve their opinion, you need to decide in case you fee your freedom and appreciate or this Dinesh? in case you cost yourself-recognize then come to our dhaba this night for dinner. Shamsher comes there. Does Kamla say you heard it? Shamsher says this guy is destroying our recognize, you can nevertheless rectify your mistake, come with me. Kamla is going and stands with Ishika and Jigna. Shamsher leaves. Roop gets down from the vehicle. Dinesh leaves. Ishika invitations all and sundry to dinner.

Roop and circle of relatives are running. Ishika says we don’t have spices. Roop appears at the list and says I can convey all these items. Ishika receives the call and says what? She says the client asked for e-book desk for five. They get orders. Roop says don’t fear I’m able to deliver matters.

Samru says to Dinesh that they’re getting boost booking, what we will do now?

Roop is on his motorcycle. He speeds away. Inspector stops him. Roop appears on. He involves the inspector. Inspector says I’m busy.

Samru says to Bua that Roop doesn’t know who’s against him. Bua says he won’t get spices and people can be indignant.

Ishika receives a call and tells Jigna that Manish is quality now.
Roop continues to be at the checkpoint. He asks the inspector to present his license. He offers it. Roop leaves.

Roop goes on the street but Shamsher stops him and says we can’t ship you out of village till the report is accomplished.

Roop comes to dhaba. Does Kamla ask if he were given spices? Samru says I can this news to Dinesh. A lady comes there in a veil and puts spices in dhaba. She takes to the air veil and its Ishika. Roop says it occurred like that.. Flashback suggests how Roop saved inspector busy so Ishika ought to go away and buy spices. Kamla says God maintain your relationship intact.

Bua calls Samru and tells him that they got spices. Samru tells it to Dinesh.

Roop and circle of relatives are busy in cooking. Jigna and Preeti set tables. Ishika turns on lighting fixtures. Kamla says the food has a first-class odour. Ishika says we’re just looking ahead to guests. Shamsher comes there and glares at them.

Ishika comes to Roop. They share eyelock, Piya plays. Roop says meals is ready. Kamla says it seems like some birthday party. circle of relatives takes a selfie but all of the sudden energy goes. Roop says allow me to take a look at. Ishika is going with him. They check major transfer but find it missing.

PRECAP- Jigna tells Kamla that Ishika is missing. Roop says she became no longer with me. Roop calls her mom and asks if Ishika got here right here? She says no.
Ishika is blind-folded and close to a cliff, she is about to fall down.


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