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Roop says to family that he is prepared to wed Seva.

Ishika feels that she fouled up, I shouldnt have given him legal documents, I took incautious choice. Kanchan comes there and says there is still time, proceed to bring papers back. Ishika says its conceivable? Kanchan says the sky is the limit in affection. Ishika embraces her and keeps running from that point. She grins and thinks everything will turn out to be fine among me and Roop.

Family does Seva And Roop’s aarti. Bua asks Seva to influence him to eat desserts. Seva offers him. Roop eats it yet is daydreaming. He offers desserts to Seva yet Ishika comes there. All are stunned. Ishika is in tears to see that. Roop considers if Ishika came to make everything fine? Roop says you cameback? Ishika says I need to talk. She takes him in room.

Bua says to Shamsher that she can crush everything, Shamsher says she will end this connection.

Ishika says to Roop that you cannot wed Seva as I am as yet your better half legitimately, sign legal documents first. Roop is harmed, he signs legal documents and offers it to Ishika. Ishika leaves room and tells family that Roop marked legal documents so he can wed anybody now, she leaves.

Ishika is working in her café. She overlooks a formula. Kamla comes there and advises her. Ishika turns away and says you? Kamla says you can live without Roop? Ishika says he is pushing forward without me, this connection didnt end and he began making another connection, this connection cannot work any longer. Kamla says you are dealing with his fantasy and saying that this connection cannot work? dont lose trust, you are Ishika, you can battle this war for adoration, you cannot win it by contempt however by affection, I said what I needed to, you can choose what you need to.

Himani is in police headquarters. She hears Seva’s dad officer conversing with another officer. At the point when Shamsher became acquainted with that I am wedding her since I am sick so he said he will assume liability of my Seva, I didnt realize he implied that he will wed Roop to Seva. Himani hears it and supposes why he is doing this?

Ishika comes in police headquarters. Roop sees her, he is strained and leaves. She gives lunch box to officer. Himani goes to her and educates her regarding Shamsher’s arrangement to wed Seva with Roop. Ishika says he is doing this to isolate us, I will inform Roop concerning it.

Scene 2

Roop eats sustenance. Roop says flavors are bad. I will tell whats missing from this.

Ishika comes to police headquarters to take void lunch boxes, officer gives her rundown of input. Ishika says thank you for letting me about your input dissimilar to other people who simply give decisions. Roop looks on.

Manish meets Himani and tells that he saw Seva’s eventual spouse. Flashback demonstrates how smashed man tells another man that Shamsher gave him cash to affront Seva so Roop could express yes to marriage. Manish recorded it. Himani says you did great, Shamsher is playing with Roop’s sentiments.

Himani educates Kanchan and Ishika regarding Shamsher’s arrangement. Kanchan says what? Ishika says we have confirmation now, we will tell Roop. Himani says I wont let your and Roop’s connection break. Ishika calls Roop and says I need to meet.

Shamsher comes to Roop and says I need to indicate you something.

Roop and Ishika meets. Ishika says I need to indicate you something. Roop says I need to demonstrate something as well. He demonstrates her video of Ishika. Shamsher sees it and says I am a lion that prepares. Flashback demonstrates how Shamsher says to Roop that you may conflict with me so I need to indicate you something, he plays video of Ishika conversing with Himani and advising all her an eye on Shamsher and examine against him. Shamsher says I dont know why she despises me so much, I am frightened she may locate some bogus confirmations against me, I wont probably protect my reality. Flashback closes. Roop demonstrates video to Ishika. Ishika is paralyzed.

Precap Upcoming Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop Episode Update: Roop says to Shamsher that get this separation concluded soon. Ishika says I made you sign those legal documents however at this point I wont give this separation a chance to occur at any expense. Shamsher supposes he will complete this separation. Roop and Seva’s haldi service begins. Ishika comes there and says that I am as yet Roop’s significant other. She applies haldi to Roop and says your string was in my grasp regardless it is.


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