Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 29th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Roop starts auction for dhaba. humans start bidding from 60K. Roop sells fixtures for that quantity. Roop says we could bid for utensils. Ishika cries recalling their moments. Roop recollects too but recalls health practitioner telling about Shamsher’s condition. Roop keeps bidding for all gadgets. human beings take things from there. Shamsher says you did proper Roop. All matters are long past from dhaba. Roop gives half of money to Ishika. Ishika says you sold your everything for this money? She throws money at him and runs from there.

At night time, Roop pours wine and recalls Ishika’s words and how he became sad after promoting it. Shamsher comes there with goodies and says you confirmed which you are my blood. you’ve got made me so proud, he hugs him. Roop offers him wine. Shamsher says I dont need to drink too much, i’m so happy, he leaves. Roop thinks that this is running now on Shamsher.

Roop is available in room and sees Ishika with blindfold, she stumbles. Roop stops her and asks what she is doing? he takes blindfold off. Ishika lamentably seems at him and says I dont want to see your bad acts. Roop says then dont look at me or speak. Ishika turns away from him.

Ishika offers aarti to absolutely everyone. Bua says her paintings ended. She offers it to Roop however he says I cant take it out of your impure palms. Ishika leaves from there. Bua says you should have proven this aspect before. Kamla thinks they may be developing aside.

Ishika serves meals to each person but she asks Kinjal to serve Roop. Bua says he is your husband too. Ishika says he isn’t always pleasing any responsibility as a husband. One guy comes there and calls Shamsher for panchayat. Roop thinks I must leave him on my own so i will understand if he is leaving alcohol. Roop says i can come later. Shamsher leaves. Kamla thinks that i’m able to talk to Roop and Ishika now.

Kinjal leaves for studies. Kamla calls Roop and Ishika. She sits with them and says you both married to be a loving couple, you each can communicate and quit issues. Roop says we will quit them if she talks. Ishika says they could cease whilst a person stops growing them. They look away. Kamla thinks I ought to do something.

Shamsher comes to panchayat. man says this boy loves this girl and desires to marry her but his elder brother killed girl’s brother, tell us what to do now? Dinesh comes there and says he cant clear up whatever. He couldnt prevent his daughter from having an affair.

Kamla brings Cheeko in house, he is a kid. She says is Jaya sister’s child. Ishika says he’s so lovable. Kamla says she asked us to take care of him as she is out of house, can you contend with him? dont combat infront of him. Roop says okay. Kamla leaves. Ishika talks to Cheeko and says he’s an angry man so dont speak. Roop glares at her and says she is a witch. Ishika says we can speak and grow to be buddies. cheeko says I want to fly. Roop and Ishika holds him and makes him fly.

Dinesh says in panchayat that Shamsher couldnt prevent his own family. Others say that he’s right, he lost his admire.

Precap Upcoming Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop episode update: Roop and Ishika comes to panchayat. Dinesh says your father promised that you will get Jigna divorced from Manish and convey her returned to me. Shamsher says he is my delight, my son and could listen to me.


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