Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 2nd April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Roop tells all that he respect Shamsher’s words and will deliver Jigna again to Dinesh. All are shocked.

Jigna sees cake destroyed with her hand. Manisha asks her to no longer worry.

Kamla falls down. Shamsher hugs Roop and says you saved my appreciate. Ishika asks pnachayat to do some thing. they say we cant do it. Dinesh says they are able to pass again on their phrases. Shamsher says we supply our words and may die for it. Roop says sure we’re guys, dont worry. Roop is tensed. Ishika cries. All go away from there. Shamsher leaves with own family. Ishika thinks that I thought to get back with him however I cant stand him. Roop thinks that I idea to tell her the whole thing but i’m helpless. Ishika stops him. Roop says its about my father’s admire. Ishika says what about your sister’s

appreciate? Roop calls Jigna and says you’re at home? Jigna says yes, I knew you’ll come nowadays. Roop ends name.
Kamla sits on ground and pleads Shamsher to no longer send Jigna to Dinesh, he’ll no longer spare her. Bua says he promised to everybody. Kamla says he’s going to make Jigna’s lifestyles hell. Kinjal asks Shamsher to not try this. Shamsher says my son Roop took this decision. Kamla says I usually respected you but I cant see my daughter in ache, Shamsher leaves from there.

Jigna places candle on cake. She hears bell and opens to find Roop there. She brings there. Manish says you introduced her near so this fascinated about you. Jigna asks him to reduce cake. She makes Roop cut cake, he unfortunately looks at her and remembers her wedding ceremony. Jigna says its a gift for you. She opens and unearths crystal ball, she says we are happy together because of you. Roop recollects his promise and breaks it. Jigna says what did you do? Roop indicates her divorce papers and says you have to signal these and cross again to Dinesh. He tries to take her but Jigna’s toes harm. Manish stops Roop and says she is my wife and that i want to realize why you are doing this? Ishika comes there and says due to ego. She takes divorce papers, she burns them. Roop glares at her. She says you cant make or break members of the family as you need, you didnt experience shame in any respect. Manisha asks what he wants to? Roop says I need to take her again to Dinesh. Jigna says have you long past mad? You made me marry Manish. Roop says its about my father, what he wishes will manifest. Jigna says what about my marriage? Ishika says inform her that your ego is above her happiness. Roop says sufficient and tries to Jigna but Ishika stops him. Roop says dont come inbetween me and my sister. She says no, I wont allow you to do it. Roop pulls her away and throws her out of house. He comes back to Jigna. Jigna says I cant trust that you are my brother Roop. Dinesh turned into my beyond, Manish is my present and destiny, forget that i’m your sister, how can regulation permit me to go again to different man. Manish says dont ask these questions due to the fact we know answers. Jigna says Roop you’ve got become evil. Roop says yes, i’m, you have got three alternatives so select wisely. One is to divorce Manish in panchayat and move back to Dinesh. She says never. Roop says option is that we have five-acre assets so Manish can take it and go away Jigna. Jigna says how are you going to droop so low? Roop says to Manish that you have a everyday job, this belongings can change your life. Manish says your nature modified, your love changed but my love has no price. Roop says ultimate option is..

Himani tells Ishika that Mai instructed me but what can i do? Roop doesnt listen to us. Ishika says i have a solution. She tells her. Ishika says we dont produce other choice.

PRECAP- Roop tells own family that Jigna and Manish will divorce each different then we will deliver her again to Dinesh. Himani comes there and says it cant occur, we have come to arrest Roop. All are bowled over.


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