Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 30th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Ishika thinks that she did incorrect, I shouldnt have given him divorce papers, I took impulsive decision. Kanchan comes there and says there’s still time, go and bring papers back. Ishika says its possible? Kanchan says the whole thing is viable in love. Ishika hugs her and runs from there. She smiles and thinks everything will become fine among me and Roop.own family does Seva And Roop’s aarti. Bua asks Seva to make him eat chocolates. Seva offers him. Roop eats it but is lost in concept. He gives sweets to Seva but Ishika comes there. All are bowled over. Ishika is in tears to look that. Roop thinks if Ishika got here to make the whole lot quality? Roop says you cameback? Ishika says I need to talk. She takes him in room.

Bua says to Shamsher that she can damage everything, Shamsher says she will be able to cease this relation.
Ishika says to Roop that you cant marry Seva as i am nonetheless your spouse legally, sign divorce papers first. Roop is harm, he signs divorce papers and offers it to Ishika. Ishika comes out of room and tells circle of relatives that Roop signed divorce papers so he can marry every person now, she leaves.
Ishika is operating in her eating place. She forgets a recipe. Kamla comes there and tells her. Ishika looks away and says you? Kamla says you can stay without Roop? Ishika says he is moving ahead without me, this relation didnt end and he commenced making any other relation, this relation cant work anymore. Kamla says you are working on his dream and pronouncing that this relation cant paintings? dont lose hope, you’re Ishika, you can combat this struggle for love, you cant win it by hatred however via love, I said what I desired to, you can decide what you need to.

Himani is in police station. She hears Seva’s father officer speakme to some other officer. whilst Shamsher got to recognize that i am marrying her due to the fact i’m ill so he stated he will take obligation of my Seva, I didnt understand he meant that he’s going to marry Roop to Seva. Himani hears it and thinks why he’s doing all this?

Ishika comes in police station. Roop sees her, he is tensed and leaves. She offers lunch field to officer. Himani comes to her and tells her about Shamsher’s plan to marry Seva with Roop. Ishika says he’s doing all this to separate us, i’m able to tell Roop about it.

Scene 2
Roop eats meals. Roop says spices are not appropriate. i can tell whats lacking from this.
Ishika involves police station to take empty lunch bins, officer gives her listing of remarks. Ishika says thank you for letting me about your feedback in contrast to others who just deliver verdicts. Roop looks on.

Manish meets Himani and tells that he saw Seva’s could be husband. Flashback shows how drunk man tells another guy that Shamsher gave him cash to insult Seva so Roop could say sure to marriage. Manish recorded it. Himani says you probably did right, Shamsher is gambling with Roop’s feelings.

Himani tells Kanchan and Ishika about Shamsher’s plan. Kanchan says what? Ishika says we’ve proof now, we will tell Roop. Himani says I wont allow your and Roop’s relation wreck. Ishika calls Roop and says I want to fulfill.

Shamsher involves Roop and says I need to show you some thing.

Roop and Ishika meets. Ishika says I want to expose you something. Roop says I need to reveal something too. He shows her video of Ishika. Shamsher sees it and says i’m a lion that plans beforehand. Flashback shows how Shamsher says to Roop which you might pass against me so I need to show you some thing, he performs video of Ishika speakme to Himani and telling her to preserve an eye fixed on Shamsher and inspect in opposition to him. Shamsher says I dont recognize why she hates me so much, i’m scared she would possibly locate a few false proofs in opposition to me, I wont be capable of guard my reality. Flashback ends. Roop suggests video to Ishika. Ishika is stunned.

Precap: Roop says to Shamsher that get this divorce finalized quickly. Ishika says I made you signal the ones divorce papers however now I wont let this divorce occur at any value. Shamsher thinks he’s going to get this divorce accomplished. Roop and Seva’s haldi ceremony begins. Ishika comes there and says that i’m nevertheless Roop’s spouse. She applies haldi to Roop and says your string was in my hand and it still is.


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