Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 3rd April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Roop brings Jigna and Manish to Shamsher. Kamla says what are you doing? Roop says they may divorce each other the following day and you can ship Jigna to Dinesh. Himani comes there and says it wont take place. Shamsher asks her to go away. Himani says i’m doing my obligation. Bua says its a circle of relatives rely. Himani says i can arrest you for seeking to prevent police. Himani involves Roop and says Roop will be arrested for forcing Jigna and Manish to live right here. Roop says who filed complaint? Ishika sayFlass I did it. Roop says how dare you? Ishika says we ought to be proper to be a family, i will do the entirety to shield this own family. Kamla says you are making your husband get arrested? Ishika says i’m watching for him to retutn. Ishika asks Roop to let Jigna and Manish go and she will take her FIR lower back. He says I wont do it. Himani is ready to arrest Roop however Jigna says no, he didnt force us, we came right here on our very own. Ishika says what are you pronouncing? He forced you to take divorce. Roop says to Himani which you insulted me, i’m able to complain about you no longer doing all your responsibility. Himani asks Jigna once more if he forced her? Jigna cries and shakes her head. Himani says sorry to Roop and leaves. Ishika asks Jigna why she didnt inform reality? Flashback shows how Roop stated that he will break Manish, he’s going to make his life hell so they wont be happy, you need him to go through for lifestyles? high-quality then. Jigna says no. Manish says dont stop him. Jigna says i can bear some thing however I cant let your existence be destroyed because of me, if you love me then permit me move. Flashback ends. Jigna says he made our house and he broke it. Roop comes lower back and says dont say an excessive amount of, you both will live in a room. he’s taking Jigna from there. Ishika is tensed.

Roop locks Jigna and Manish in a room, he asks Kamla to let her recognise to now not attempt anything, he leaves. Ishika says he fought his whole existence for rights and the way he’s doing all this. Ishika involves kitchen and recollects Roop’s moves, he is tensed. Mistakenly jar falls from her palms, she cuts her hand. Kamla comes there and wipes it. Kamla says its a men society, they like us in kitchen however dont like to offer us admire. Ishika says allow the whole thing be as it is. Kamla leaves. Kinjal comes there and says I dont know what to do, all are towards Jigna and Manish. Ishika says now panchayat will assist Jigna. She tells her a plan.

Dinesh says to his father that their appreciate will be destroyed. Roop comes there. Dinesh says what drama you have? Roop says i’m able to deliver Jigna lower back to you. he takes him apart.

Kinjal tells Kamla that she goes to friend’s residence to examine. Shamsher says work in kitchen. Kinjal says its critical, please permit me pass. He says ok. Ishika gives thumbs up to her.

Roop offers wine to Shamsher. Shamsher says you delivered my admire returned, I went to alcohol bar however i ended before consuming as I recalled your promise. My phrases are always exceptional. Roop thinks that i am doing all this for your health. Ishika is going to present food to Jigna and Manish. Kinjal asks him to open door. He stands up. Ishika slips however Roop holds her. He asks her to be cautious. She says I became habituated in your collectively so forgot to take care of myself.

Precap Upcoming Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop episode update: Ishika cups Roop’s face and says i like you, your love gave me electricity to stand towards injustice, it gave me energy to face towards your evil aspect, I lost my self-recognize but I didnt spoil. Roop pulls her closer and says i like you, I sincerely do and thats the only purpose i’m bearing all your antics in any other case i might have given very last decision.Roop comes to Jigna and Manish’s room and find them missing.


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