Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 5th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Ishika comes to police station. All appearance on. Ishika asks Himani if everything is great? Roop thinks wish Ishika didnt do all this. Himani says Roop says Jigna stole your jewelry. Ishika says you stoop so low? Roop says you stooped low with the aid of going against me. Ishika says i’m able to do whatever to store Jigna because her brother has forgotten to protect her.

All are in panchayat, Shamsher says my brother stored his phrases. i am equipped to offer Jigna back to Dinesh. He asks Jigna to join up divorce papers. Roop stops him and says she wont signal divorce papers and wont go lower back to Dinesh. Ishika thinks I suppose he’s lower back. Dinesh’s father says you human beings are fooling us, Himani is here to inform about protection orders. Himani says he is proper, Jigna and Manish are below police protection and if all and sundry attempt to force then you definately realize we can take movement. She leaves from there. Ishika says i’m a human first so I had to defend innocent ones right here. Shamsher folds his hand and says i am sorry, I couldnt hold my phrase, you could punish me. Dinesh’s father that most effective man or woman at fault is Ishika, our punishment is to throw stones at infront of all, we need to punish her publicly so no girls do that once more. Ishika says i’m geared up for this punishment but am i able to ask a query? Why guy wishes ladies to preserve up his respect? Why woman has to undergo his abuse to keep his recognize? Dinesh promised to attend to Jigna but he beat her, abused her, did he sense shame? did all of us experience hurt? no, you all felt hurt while she left him and married Manish, you people are ashamed to see her happiness? men can do some thing but girls is vain for you, guys’s thinking is that girls simply observe them, they cant take any motion for his or her admire because it hurts your ego? Ishika asks Jigna to no longer cry, you aren’t incorrect, their thinking is incorrect, we get silent to maintain up respect of fellows, if we start taking revenge for all ache then you human beings will understand. man says dont distract her. Ishika says i’m asking questions which Roop used to ask, he used to admire girls, now you believe you studied its proper to overcome a girl publicly? i am equipped to get crushed because I want to show that girl are succesful, I need my husband to determine, inform me Roop, love or fake respect? man says he wont say whatever. Roop says I recognize my father’s respect, whoever is at request must be punished. Kamla says what are you doing Roop? Ishika says leave it, i’m able to recognize my husband’s needs, i am prepared. a person is ready to hit her with a hunter but Roop comes infront of her and gets hit through hunter. Panchayat asks what he is doing? Roop says she did a mistake however she is my spouse and i will take her punishments, fulfill it. Ishika says no. Roop hugs her and gets beaten by a hunter. Ishika cries. Jigna says forestall it. She says forestall this, Roop and Ishika had to bear a lot pain to keep me with my husband, I cant see this, i’m prepared to divorce my husband. Ishika says what are you doing? Jigna says my love isn’t always that to come inbetween you and Roop, i am equipped to head lower back to Dinesh. Manish says i’m with her, I dont want to be with her if it way hurting Roop and Ishika. Shamsher says you have to have carried out it earlier than. Jigna takes divorce papers and symptoms it. All look on. Manish takes it and symptoms too. All appearance on.
PRECAP- Roop is dozing. Ishika applies balm on his wounds and thinks what type of punishment is that in which you punish and also you bear it, is that love?


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