Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 5th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Roop tells Shamsher that Jigna and Manish ranaway. Shamsher falls down. Bua says Jigna have destroyed our admire. Dinesh’s father shouts that you people are fooling us. other guy says that Shamsher is a liar, he’s an officer and couldnt forestall his daughter? other guy asks if Roop helped Jigna make runaway? Roop says i might in no way try this. Dinesh’s father says we want revenge and bloodshed. Ishika says they married each different, they are no longer proper. Shamsher shouts at her. Roop thinks to do something. Roop asks guys to do some thing they need, no person has right to harm my father’s admire. Roop calls Himani and says I need to document lacking criticism of Jigna. Himani says they’re with me right here, Roop says what? i’m coming right here. He ends name. Flashback indicates how Jigna

study Ishika’s letter which says that dont lose desire, you found love so fight for it, we’ve got court’s safety order for you both, so visit police station and nobody can pressure you, Manish asks if she will stroll with him on this route? She cries and holds his hand, they broke window and ranaway. Flashback ends.
Roop says to men that i can carry her returned. guy says we are able to give decision in panchayat best, they go away. Ishika says i can go together with you. Roop grabs her and locks her in room, he asks Kamla to no longer open her door.
Roop goes to police station while Dinesh comes there. He says its no longer my fault, if I deny taking Jigna returned then my father will kill me, you have to deliver her back. Roop thinks plan failed but its desirable that Manish and Jigna are safe. Himani wont allow me take them lower back.

Roop comes to police station. He glares at them however Himani stops him and says its now not your home that you may pressure them to come with you. you have to walk over me to reach them. you believe you studied i stopped them right here for you? they’re in safety order from you. Roop says i have come to save them. Himani suggests him safety orders. Roop crumples it. Himani says you need to trade your self, they’ll be in police protection. Roop asks if they’re coming or no longer? Manish says we wont come.

Bua says to Kamla that this is all happening due to you, your daughters are destroying our honor. Ishika comes there. Bua says Kinjal why you delivered her out? Ishika says Manish and Jigna married and love every different so whats incorrect? Ishika lighting diya in mandir. Kamla prays with her.

Scene 2
Roop indicates rings that Ishika gave to Jigna. Roop says they stole it. Jigna says Ishika gave them to us. Roop thinks that Ishika changed into in the back of all this. Roop says I suppose they stole it. Himani says we can name Ishika here and ask her. Roop says my wife wont come right here. Himani says its my responsibility. Himani calls Ishika and asks her to return to police station. Ishika says k. Shamsher comes there and asks why she is out? Ishika says Roop known as me there. Shamsher then pass.

Jigna says to Manish which you souldnt have brought Ishika in all this. Manish says she saved us from demise. Roop says what? Jigna says sure, we have been geared up to die before separating but Ishika stopped us and gave us motive to fight for our love however you dont worry, you do what you want. Roop looks away and thinks that i’m putting my circle of relatives’s existence at risk to save Shamsher’s life.

PRECAP– Shamsher says to panchayat that we fulfilled our promise. Jigna and Manish are here, she is prepared to go to Dinesh returned. He asks her to divorce Manish. He forces her but Roop stops him and says Jigna wont sign on divorce papers and wont pass back to Dinesh. Ishika thinks perhaps my Roop is again.


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