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In panchayat, Jigna says to Manish that you are other man for me now, we will never meet or talk, she gives him ring back. Roop says all of you got what you needed, I need my dad’s regard back, stop this training where individuals are beaten. Shamsher says yes end this. Panchayat says we wont rebuff anybody like this now.

Himani sits on a street. A man endeavors to play with her however she focuses weapon at him and looks in his truck, she finds unlawful wine there.

Roop gets back home. Shamsher says to Ishika that Roop needed to hold up under discipline for you, Ishika says let me apply emollient on him. Roop says you have given those injuries, I dont need anything, Ishika leaves.

Roop comes in room. Ishika influences him to take a seat. She gives him drug however he discards it. She continues giving

him, he at last takes it. She indicates him cream. Roop removes his shirt and rests. Ishika applies analgesic and reviews their minutes together. She supposes what sort of affection is this where you rebuff and you bear that discipline as well. She blows on his injuries and cries. She dozes in sitting position as it were.

In morning, Shamsher peruses news that Himani captured wine vender. Roop checks the news. Shamsher leaves. Ishika comes to Roop and says you think what occurred with Jigna was correct, would she be able to leave live with Dinesh?

Dinesh comes to Jigna, she is terrified. He takes his telephone and says I won’t raise hand on you once more. He imagines that on the off chance that I do anything, at that point your sibling will send me to imprison.

Roop says to Ishika that you dont need to stress over my sister. Ishika says you give torment however endeavor to hold up under it as well?

Himani comes to Shamsher and says I needed to take your approval with my prosperity. She endeavors to contact his feet however he moves away and says leave.

Roop says to Ishika that you have given me such huge numbers of wounds.

All media correspondents come to Shamsher and gets some information about your little girl doing that valiant demonstration? is it true that you are glad? He says I dont need to state anything and leaves. Columnist inquires as to whether he feel desirous? He says no, I am pleased with her. Roop believes that now daddy will be focused. Roop says we are on the whole pleased with Himani, she is a motivation. Shamsher hears it and closes entryway on Roop. Roop says to correspondents that please disregard us so we can praise, all leave. Himanshu says to Kamla that I host kept a get-together for Himani, I need to welcome all of you. Roop says we won’t come, you both can leave. Himani says if it’s not too much trouble you can demand Shamsher. Ishika says we ought to be a piece of her satisfaction. Roop says this is your concern, you are dependably against me. Himanshu says I dont know why you are doing this, its futile to converse with you, he leaves with Himani. Roop gets message from somone and leaves.

Roop meets a correspondent. He says you are Parag? Parag embraces him and says you have turned into a journalist? Parag says I got a tip, she took some enormous wear’s liquor in guardianship, they requested to give you message that she is in threat, in the event that she doesnt leave this case, at that point she will lose her life, her life is in your grasp. He leaves.

Roop comes to Shamsher and sees him alcoholic. Shamsher says I couldnt stop anybody. She will wreck my fantasy. Roop says what dream?

Ishika calls Himanshu that they cannot deny their child in law so request that they come. He says incredible thought.

Shamsher indicates awards to Roop and says they used to commend me for my cases, I gladly reported that soon my child will win these decorations however at this point young lady will get these awards and they will wind up messy for me, he discards them. Roop looks on.

Roop goes to his room and sees his modify picture. Adjust picture that would you say you are cheerful to see your dad tragic? you did as such much however what was the deal? only a little decoration of Himani will crush his satisfaction. Roop says I am pleased with Himani and her accomplishments. Modify picture says what regarding your dad? In the event that you have these decorations, at that point he would be upbeat yet you constantly made him furious.

Precap Upcoming Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop Episode Update:- In gathering, Ishika hits the dance floor with Roop. Himani says I won’t deal with hazardous cases starting now and into the foreseeable future. Ishika says what are you saying? You cannot deny this breavery award. Roop looks on.


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