Sachin Tendulkar, who called God of Cricket, recently met with South Superstar Rajinikanth. A photo of Sachin and Rajinikanth, considered to be great in their respective areas, has also been seen on social media in which they are very happy to meet each other. This photo itself is shared by Sachin himself on Instagram.

Sharing the photo, Sachin wrote, “Meeting with Rajani Sir has always been a pleasant experience.” Rajinikant appeared in this selfie photo while poking with Sachin. Significantly, they both consider each other a lot and this thing can also be seen in this photo.

While Rajinikanth is a lover of Sachin and his game, Sachin has always been praising Rajinikanth’s work. Often, in their interviews they have both shown their love and respect towards each other.

They also talk on social media too often and have seen many photos together.


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