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The second season of Netflix India’s famous series ‘Sacred Games’ is going to be released on August 15. This new season is expected to be bigger and better than the previous season. Saif Ali Khan will once again be seen in the role of ‘Sartaj Singh’ and Nawazuddin Siddiqui in the role of ‘Ganesh Gaitonde’. Kalki Kekala, Ranveer Shorey and Pankaj Tripathi (who also appeared in the first season) will be seen with them.

Like last time, this time too Anurag Kashyap will direct the character of Ganesh Gaitonde. But this time the character of Sartaj Singh will be directed by Neeraj Ghewan, director of the film ‘Masaan’. Vikramaditya Motwani, who directed Sartaj Singh’s character in Season 1, has now become the show runner of the series.

We spoke to series directors Anurag Kashyap and Neeraj Ghevan. You can watch the interview in the video or you can read the full interview here:

Anurag, first of all I would like to know what is the most difficult thing you have shot in Sacred Games so far and why it was difficult for you?

Anurag: Whatever complex scenes we have … Most complex scenes are there. There was a shoot with Guruji. It was difficult emotionally. Physically it was difficult to shoot in the sea because everybody was doing puking. By the end, our actor had collapsed and the shooting was not over and Nawaz had to shoot in very cold water. After that Nawaz was in a blanket for three hours. It was completely frozen.

Neeraj, you first assisted Anurag in ‘Gangs of Wasseypur’ and are now directing Sacred Games. Tell us something about your bonding and your journey together whether there has always been agreement on the set or there has been conflict of opinion?

Anurag: Opinion belongs to him, not mine.

Neeraj: No, as this show is, it is such that both of them have different tracks and we are both shooting separately. Vikram is threading everything together and the other thing was that it was already comfortable for me because I have assisted them. He has been my mentor. Vikram is the one whom I consider to be at the forefront of film making and he has also been my producer. Varun, you know how much we have friendship and we have done a lot of work together. So a relaxed level comes. But along with that you also have a fear that as much as you appreciate the work of these people and you have to reach them, then if you fail them, then you also think that maybe something is missing. So that two-fold has been a journey with me. Mission Mangal Full Movie Download

Anurag: You perform on stage in school. You know your parents are in the audience, so your condition is like that. If we go to the set then it is such a condition.

Neeraj: Absolutely

Anurag, how difficult is it to direct? Those collaborations should remain flawless.

Anurag: It is a matter of great pride for me. I said this on the very first day that, when I came in the industry, I first joined me and today I am a co-director. On the very first day, before the shoot, I gifted it my most precious shoes. I said, “You have come in my shoes.”

So how do things stay flawless while co-directing?

Anurag: That responsibility belongs to Vikram Motwani. So we can do whatever we want. Vikram had taken the responsibility of how the shoot of the two would match and how they would come together. He had taken that responsibility.

Also in season 1? When only you and them were?

Anurag: So that’s why we are able to do whatever we can do. He takes the responsibility of Vikram somewhere, then Varun, then Aarti. After that, it goes over us somewhere.

Neeraj, you have said in the old interview that since childhood, you have been inclined to parallel cinema and when you came to the world of films, you still wanted to make that type of films. So how did you convince yourself to direct fiction like Sacred Games?

Neeraj:See there is a phase for every person who does the film irrelevant. There are different phases. You start then you see that there is so much new cinema and so many things… You watch movies from different countries. After that you think you saw it, but where is the reality? And I have been all the time that whatever genre you are in, whatever kind of style and if you are true to the character and try to tell his story to be true, then it will be right. So it was for me that yes my comfort zone is positive and my comfort zone is to talk about working class or middle and lower middle class and the character has to say about relationships with the world, but it is very important for me to challenge myself Was Otherwise I would sit down happy with myself. It was important that I break myself and I want to keep doing something new all the time. And it was completely different for me.

Anurag: They knew that if they do not break themselves, we will break them.

Neeraj: Yes.

Anurag, as an actor of Nawazuddin Siddiqui, tell us something that we do not know.

Anurag: Nawaz does a lot of things that may not do for others, but does for me. Sometimes I also manipulate him. We were shooting in the sea. He had to swim and the sea water was 7 degrees. It was so cold I knew that if Nawaz checked his temperature, he would not enter and I did not let him check it. I went swimming and came and I said, nothing is cold, it is quite normal. He believed me.

Could you do that?

Anurag: No, I then lifted him on the shoulder and took him in so that water would not touch the feet because as soon as he touched, he would not jump into the water. Took it up and threw it in cold water. I said, “Now you will get the towel only when you come out swimming.” So he came swimming and I continued to shoot him. Have to do it sometimes.

Neeraj: Apart from this, there are very difficult scenes.

Anurag: Yes, many.

What other difficult scenes?

Neeraj: No, you will see that.

Anurag: After that, his context will be known. There are many things. We have to cross our own limits too many times. We cannot do many things ourselves. We also have to cross our limits on how to shoot, how to conceive. Because if you are not yourself a conversant, how will you convert the person in front?

That’s right. Tell me a scene that Anurag has done and you thought that if I had done this, I would have done something like this, or it should not have happened, or I could not have done this?

Neeraj:No, see, Anurag has a talent that I have been saying for many years that he comes to the set and guesses. What remains in his mind… I think more than the set, the film keeps happening in his mind. And there is very little on the set or on the edit table. It is just the execution. But whatever goes on in their mind, they live on… and spontaneity. As much as I have seen, they like spontaneity. If you plan and take them in a format, then they will not be able to work. I think this is the identity of a genius because you come to the set and make such scenes. I remember at the time of ‘Gangs of Wasseypur’, he had done a 5-page long scene, writing on the set and all the actors were ready, he wrote a 5-minute scene. Only then prepared and gave it to everyone. That talent is not in me and I know that it will not come in me. So that is why I have understood that it is not that if you have got an idea then those qualities will come in you. Because they live on spontaneity and I plan and do everything. Maybe I feel insecure, so I plan, but they are the hallmark in everything.

Thanks a lot for talking to us and best wishes for the new season.

After registering a small presence in the first season of Netflix’s web series Sacred Games, Pankaj Tripathi will once again appear in the character of ‘Guruji’ in Season 2. But this time the audience will be able to watch ‘Guruji’ for more time in the story. Pankaj told about this character in a special conversation with Quint. He also explained why they do not see anything on the OTT platform, and why they do not use social media more.

The role of ‘Guruji’ in the Sacred Games is that of a very bad man. It is not known but it seems that it is very bad …

Actually you could not decide this in three episodes. It may not be bad, let’s go ahead. The specialty of this great script is that you cannot see a character in black and white.

In the first season, you shot only one day for the show. Because the character was very small in it. So did you know that this character is going to expand in the second season?

Yes, I knew it. Varun Grover told me the story ahead and said that we will develop this character. There are a lot of questions in the minds of viewers regarding Season 1, which will be answered in Season 2.

I have read an interview of you, where you said that you really do not watch the show on Netflix or Amazon. So what do you usually see?

For the last two years, I have not seen anything, because I hardly had time. For the last two years, I have been shooting 350 days out of 365 days of the year, so I have less time.

But do you think that now you are getting good quality work, you will reduce the amount of your work and become more selective about the work? Because if you are doing so much work, do you feel challenged by everything?

No, I was also thinking about, why am I doing this? Your question came in my mind a month ago. Then I thought that the fourteen-fifteen years that I struggled to get work, which I ran, now I think how to refuse the work that is coming. If there is a drought in your village or city, and there is a sudden flood, then the first week feels good that the water is right, even if it is a little more. But floods also cause damage, as much as drought does. So I am now becoming aware that I should work a little longer.


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