Saif Ali Khan On Mask Controversy: Saif Ali Khan told that, because of that mask was not put on that day

Bollywood actor Saif Ali Khan is spending time with his family during the lockdown. Recently the actor and his family Kareena Kapoor, Taimur Ali Khan were seen walking on Mumbai’s Marine Drive. His walk was very much in the news and due to this Saif Ali Khan family was also criticized a lot.

Actually, the actor did not wear a mask while walking out at the time and Kareena Kapoor, Taimur also appeared without a mask. After this, people had said that they are irresponsible and not following government rules.

Saif Ali Khan has given his clarification on this for several days and told about the whole incident that day. Saif Ali Khan has told about that day in an interview to Mumbai Mirror. Saif Ali Khan said that he had left the house that day, as Timur had been in the house for three months. He further states that he was wearing a mask, but upon seeing the empty space, he removed the mask for a while and when he saw a family there, he put on the mask and left the place.

Saif said, ‘Just then, we went out and took Tim along because he was in the house for almost three months. We had our masks, but it was deserted at the time, so we removed the masks. But as soon as we saw that there were people nearby and were told that the children were not allowed to go, we put on our masks and went out. ‘ He also said, ‘It was not reported, but it is a fact that we are responsible, law abiding citizens and all live in the house through lockdown and even now, only interacting with some family members We do.’


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