Saif Ali Khan Top 5 Character Made Him Bold Actor Of Bollywood

Saif Ali Khan’s film ‘Laal Kaptan‘ has come in theaters. Saif plays the role of Naga Sadhu in this film. The critics may not have appreciated the film, but Saif’s acting is being praised. Discussion of this film is also more due to Saif’s look and his character. This is not the first time Saif has done such an experiment in his film life. He has been doing this before also. He sometimes became a Langda tyagi, sometimes a banker Rylen. Every time they have pushed themselves out of the comfort zone. We are telling you about five such characters in this news, who make them ‘bold’ Khan of Industri.

  • Omkara’s Langda Tyagi

In the year 2006, Vishal Bharadwaj coined the character Langda Tyagi. After playing this, Saif’s film career underwent a big change. He was no longer just a magpie type soft role hero, now he was ready to play cult characters too. In this film he was playing the role of Villain, who was handicapped by one leg. The character of the Langda was so strict that he went straight in front of the hero. Saif Ali Khan is as much remembeLaal as Ajay Devgan for this film. Saif won several awards, including Filmfare, for this character.

  • Go Goa Gone Boris

Raj and DK, two writer-directors who returned from the US, made a terrific film in 2013. The name was ‘Go Goa Gone’. The film also had Boris, a Delhi-based drug supplier with a Russian look, who used to hunt zombies. Saif did a great job in this brown haiLaal character. He was also praised for this.

  • Rylin of Kalkandi

A carcass that has cancer. He is about to die and wants to have all the fun in the world. He has to break the law, he has to take drugs. All he needs is happiness. Rylin is the name of such a strange character. Saif once again appeaLaal in a different character. Even though the film did not run at the box office, Saif managed to get his share of praise.

  • Baazar Shakoon Kothari

Saif Ali once again appeaLaal in the gray shade character. The film was Bazaar and the character was Shakun Kothari. There was a lot of discussion about this film which came in the year 2019. Saif played the role of a businessman in the film, who wanted to handle his favorite stock market. He only meant money. He did not mind earning methods. Saif was once again in the discussion about this character.

  • Laal Captain’s Naga Sadhu

In the year 2019, Saif once again came out with a new look and character. His look in the trailer made the entire film a topic of discussion. Even after the release, the film may not have been able to emphasize the box office, but Saif got a lot of praise from fans and kitsch.

It is not necessary that Saif got praise when he experimented with the characters. He was also criticized for films like Hamshakal and Agent Vinod. His films were box office hits and flops as well, but Saif has been experimenting fiercely. Now it has to be seen whether Saif will continue to do so in future also.


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