Sajid Khan's wife gave her kidney for treatment of Wajid Khan

Musician Wajid Khan is being missed by his family and his fans. Recently, Wajid Khan passed away and he was ill for a long time. A few days after his death, it is learned that the musician had also undergone a kidney transplant last month. The special thing is that during this time, there was no one to donate a kidney to Wajid Khan’s sister-in-law. Yes, Sajid Khan’s wife donated his kidney to Wajid Khan.

According to a report by Bollywood Hungama, Sajid and Wajid’s family friend and writer-filmmaker Rumi Jafri has revealed this. He told that when Wajid came to know about this, he could not stop his tears. He said, ‘Things like this used to happen in films earlier. Who makes such sacrifices in real life? Wajid’s sister-in-law was the same. At the same time, her sister-in-law did not want Wajid to know about this and she secretly wanted to donate the kidney.

Sajid Khan has confirmed after the death of Wajid that Wajid was a Kovid-19 positive. Sajid also told that Wajid had many kidney problems earlier, but he died of cardiac arrest. After Sajid’s statement, information about Wajid’s health has become clear. After the demise, Wajid was buried in the Versova Muslim Cemetery in Mumbai.

At the same time, Wajid Khan was undergoing kidney treatment for a long time and a video of the hospital during his treatment also went viral. In this video, it is seen that Wajid Khan is singing the song of Dabangg film for his brother Sajid. The duo of Wajid and Sajid have given songs in many Salman Khan films.


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