Salman Khan Old Video Viral Sajid Nadiadwala Reveals He Is Almost Got Married

If anyone is considered to be the most eligible bachelor in Bollywood, then it is Salman Khan. Salman’s fans are still eagerly awaiting their marriage. Many times Salman’s name has been associated with the actresses of the industry but the matter did not reach the wedding. Recently, an old anecdote related to Salman Khan’s wedding is going viral. This video revealed that they were about to get married, but they had broken up 5-6 days before the wedding.

Salaman’s marriage was revealed after 21 years on Kapil Sharma’s show. This was revealed by Sajid Nadiadwala himself on the show. He went on to promote ‘Housefull 4’ on the show. He jokingly told that Salman Khan’s marriage was finalized. Even wedding cards were distributed among the people. But she could not get married.

Actually, while teasing Sajid during the show Kapil Sharma asked that Sajid you and Salman swore that you will not marry, then how did you do? On this, Sajid disclosed, ‘In the year 1999, both made up their mind for marriage. Then both of them got married. The cards were printed and started to be distributed, then suddenly Salman decided one day that he would not marry. Salman did not reveal the reasons behind this. They just decided that they would not marry.

Though the name of the bride to be from Kapli’s show Salman was not revealed but it was found that he was about to get married 21 years ago. At the same time, you can see in the video that Sajid told that when he was getting married, Salman said gently in his ear that his car is parked behind him, participate. Sajid did not react when he heard Salman. Salman then calmed down. Otherwise, he wanted to marry Sajid too.


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