Salman Khan returned home between After Lockdown 3.0

Bollywood actor Salman Khan has returned from his farm house to Galaxy Apartment in Mumbai. Salman Khan had been living in his farm house in Panvel for almost two months, but Bhaijaan has returned to his home before Lockdown 3.0 is over.

According to the India Today news, ‘Salman wanted to spend time with his father Salim Khan and mother Salma Khan, so he is back home before the lockdown 4.0 starts. A source close to Bhaijaan told India Today, “Samalan Khan was shooting for Radhey before the lockdown.” The director of this film is Prabhudeva. But when the shooting of films due to Corona virus was announced to be canceled, Salman Khan went to his farm house. Because he wanted to spend some time with Arpita, Ayush, Ahil and Aayat.

Let us tell you that Salman Khan was living in his farm house since the first lockdown in the country was announced due to Corona virus epidemic. Salman was already reaching the farm house before the lockdown, but in the meantime the lockdown was announced and Bhaijaan remained there. According to the news, 20 more people were staying in the farmhouse with Salman. Which included his sister Arpita, brother-in-law Ayush, Ahil, Aayat Bollywood actress Jacqueline Fernandez, friend Yulia Vantur, Sohail Khan’s son Nirvan.

Salman Khan has released his two songs while staying at the farm house. ‘Pyaar Karona’ and ‘without you’. The entire shoot of his recently released song ‘Tere Bina’ has been shot at Salman’s farm house. Jacqueline Fernandez is seen with her in this song. Apart from this, Salman Khan was constantly helping the poor even while staying in the farm house. He sent food for the poor from there.

Bollywood actor Salman Khan is currently in discussion about his music videos. His song ‘Pyar Karona’ was released a few days ago and ‘Tere Bina’ appeared in the audience on Tuesday. Meanwhile, the actor has made a tweet and looking at it, it seems like someone has increased the superstar’s odds.

Salman tweeted a message on Wednesday. It says, ‘It is to be clarified that neither I nor Salman Khan films are casting for any film right now. We have not hired any casting agent for our upcoming films.
Legal action to be taken

It is further written in the message, ‘If you receive any email or message in this context, do not trust it. If any Salman Khan films wrongly

On the tweet, the actor captioned, ‘Don’t trust the rumors.’ It is being guessed by the tweet of the actor that someone is offering people to work with Salman Khan and his production house. It is seen from the tweet that people have been messaged by offering to work with Salman.

Let me tell you, Salman was still at his Panvel farmhouse with family and close friends due to the lockdown. It is now reported that he has returned to his Galaxy apartment.

Do you remember Actress Renu Arya? The same Renu Arya who shoots on the chest for Salman Khan in the film ‘Biwi Ho To Aisi’. This was Salman Khan’s first film and Renu his first heroine. The chemistry of both of them was well received in the film. But Renu Arya suddenly disappeared from the world of films and showbiz.

But now it is known where Renu Arya is and what she is doing. But before telling you about this, let us tell you that ‘Biwi Ho To Aisi’ was Renu’s first film and after that he also worked in some films, including ‘Banjaran’ and ‘Chandni’ and then disappeared after that. She went. For years no one was aware that where is Renu Arya?

When Renu investigates to find out about Arya, it is discovered that she is now a homemaker and is a householder. He is said to have distanced himself from movies after marriage to have children and a home.

Renu Arya is busy with her married life and has two daughters – Saloni and Diya. After marriage, Renu has now become Renu Singh with Arya and is living a simple life.

According to information from Renu Arya’s Facebook profile, she is currently living in Noida. One of his two daughters works in a marketing company in Gurugram.

Renu Arya has been away from the film industry and its glare for almost 29 years and her look and lifestyle has changed completely.


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