Sameera Reddy Was Also Stunned, Hritik Roshan Gave Such Help Says Actress

Film actress Sameera Reddy has recently given birth to a daughter. She has become a mother for the second time. Recently Sameera Reddy has given information about it on social media. Now Sameera Reddy has informed that she Film actor Hrithik Roshan has helped in recovering from the problem of stuttering.

Samira Reddy has given this information in an interview.

Sameera Reddy said that earlier she stuttered in childhood and Hrithik Roshan had the same disease and he had successfully conquered it and with his help, he too has won it. Speaking about this, Sameera Reddy has said , ‘Due to my habit of stuttering, I was hesitant to talk in front of people and I did not even go to audition for the film that people will judge me. Hrithik who is very good and caring and But he saw this thing and he gave me a book, which changed my life and because of that book I was able to overcome my fear and later I realized that there was a change in my way of talking. Is

Sameera further said, ‘I also met the speech therapist and started working on my speech. The less I can express my gratitude to Hrithik Roshan for this, the book Hrithik Roshan gave me and I still have today.’

It is noteworthy that Sameera Reddy married Akshay Verde in 2014. He also had a son in 2015. Sameera Reddy has worked in films like De Dana Dan.


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