Sana Khaan Break Up With Melvin Louis Shares Meme Says Even Waiter Looks Better Than Him

Recently, Sana Khan revealed in her Instagram post that she had a breakup with choreographer and boyfriend Melvin Lewis and also accused him of infidelity. Now Sana has made fun of Melvin by sharing a meme on her Insta. Sana has asked Melvin to look like a good waiter.

Sana Khan has given information about this by sharing a screenshot of the interview given to a newspaper on her Instagram post. In his Insta caption he also mentions that Melvin cheated on several girls after May / June but there is one girl with whom Melvin cheated Sana and he is most surprised about this.

She also said that she would name the girl so that people would know about her before working with her. Now when Sana is single, she has also made fun of her boyfriend. Sana has shared a meme. In this, she can be seen eating burgers. It also reads, “When the waiter looks better than your boyfriend.” They are not everything. His caption on Insta Post wrote, “How to ignore the point when the world was right.”

Sana Khan’s fans also supported her and one wrote, ‘Ho Gaya Didi’s Breakup’, another wrote, ‘Yeh melvin ke liye pakka.’ Significantly, Sana has written many more things about Melvin. He has also written that Melvin was cheating with him. He came to know that when he asked for a call from Melvin, Melvin deleted the messages instead of giving him the phone. Started doing


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