Bollywood actress Sana Saeed, who played Anjali in Shah Rukh Khan’s ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’, is in mourning these days. When the whole world is under lockdown and Sanaa is in the US because of the Corona virus, he has lost his father Abdul Ahad Saeed forever. Sana’s father died on March 22, the day there was a public curfew in India. But on this day Sana was in the US and due to the lockdown she could not come to India and could not even see her father for the last time.

After the father’s death, Sana has spoken to Hindustan Times in which he has told how difficult that time was for him. Sana said, ‘My father had diabetes because of which many parts of his body were damaged. When I received this news I was in Los Angeles, told me at 7 in the morning that Papa was no more. At that time, I wanted to come home and hug my mother and sister, but I could not do it. The circumstances under which I lost my father is very painful. But I know in my heart that he was in a lot of pain and now he will surely be in a better place ‘.

The actress told, ‘The day Papa passed, there was a public curfew in India, so my family thought it better to bury Papa on the same day. He had just three hours to do all this because of the Janata curfew. While taking them for burial, the police also stopped my family, but then when the family showed the death certificate to the police, they gave permission to go ‘. Let us tell you that Sana had gone to Los Angeles due to an event, but due to Corona virus there was a lockdown and she got stuck there.


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