Sanjivani 2 12th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

This is the sequel to the famous 90s show ‘Sanjeevani’. The show will telecast tonight on Star Plus at 9 pm. Let’s tell you what is going to happen in today’s episode, the show starts, Doctor Sid is sitting with his girlfriend away from the city, suddenly a small child gets hurt on his head and he falls into the water. Doctor Sid immediately jumps into the water to save the child. Sid comes upstairs with the child and his mother says – Thank you to the one above, he saved my child. On this, Doctor Sid says – and the down-trodden (ie he) went to scuba dive in the water.

They then take out the water with a girlfriend’s necklace and a knife in their pocket, piercing her neck, and immediately ask for a helicopter, saying that the chief minister’s son has fallen into the water. The child’s mother asks where are she taking her child? On this, he says that “where every life is precious, and where the life is not above the lower one saves” Sanjeevani “.

Doctor Sid arrives at Sanjeevani Hospital by helicopter and immediately takes the child to ICU for treatment. Here he encounters Doctor Ishani (Surabhi Chandna). Both also have a sweet sizzle.

Doctor Shashank has to give a lecture today but his health is not looking good today. He is going to give classes to all those children who have come to Sanjeevani as new doctors.

His colleague asks Doctor Sid that he did not go to Dr. Shashank’s orientation, he says that he has been here for the last three years and he remembers it all. You also remember the entire orientation. But there is nothing better than this child’s life. On the other hand, the mother of the child is crying due to her condition. Doctor Sid says that as long as they are there you do not need to be upset.

New join Doctor Asha asks Dr. Shashank, why are you leaving your post and who will take your place? Dr. Shashank i.e. Mohsin Bahl very lovingly answers them that even new people should get a chance, you will know in two days.

On the other hand, Dr. Ishani i.e. Surbhi is very happy to get the new kit. She wakes up happily after getting a new coat, Sanjeevani’s mobile cover and stethoscope. Ishani has a birthday today and Asha congratulates her on her birthday. Doctor Sid saves his life by seeing the patient trapped in emergency.

After this, Doctor Sid asks for 8 lakh plastic surgeries from an actress and also asks for 2 lakh commission, on hearing all this, Dr. Ishani is very angry and she threatens Doctor Sid that she will get him out of Sanjeevani.

Tomorrow’s episode will show that Doctor Shashank has a brain tumor, his daughter who is also a doctor, tells her mother and Doctor Juhi on the phone and asks them to come to the hospital.


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