Sanjivani 2 1st October 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Sanjeevani 2 1 Oct episode begins with Nurse Philo recommending Ishani and Sid to get hitched. Afterward, she gets stressed for her little girl Jessica and Sid guarantees they will treat her well.

Afterward, Shashank and Juhi again contend over how to treat a patient with a tumor. Juhi thinks Shashank doesn’t confide in him while Shashank reprimands her for trusting Vardhan.

Ishani gives her duties to Asha and she chooses to do Yoga. Sid gets frantic at Ishani for being missing for his situation and scans for her.

Anjali gets some information about the young lady he conceded in the extravagance ward while Vardhan gives her an amazement. He fulfills her by giving her a lot of compensation.

He further converses with Dr. Rahul about Shashank’s burden in their main goal. In the interim, Sid discovers Ishani doing Yoga in a room and gets intrigued.

He later scolds her for not playing out her obligations appropriately. He further reprimands her for landing the position on account of Dr. Shashank.

He asks what’s up with her while Ishani starts crying. She gets injured by Sid’s words and leaves. In the interim, Shashank requires an executive gathering with respect to recycled machines.

He further says that he needs Anjali to get hitched and is looking for a match. Simultaneously, Sid asks why Ishani is crying while Ishani trusts in Asha.

The two of them choose to apologize and accuse themselves. The two of them meet and choose to disregard their affections for one another.

Stay Tuned With Us To Know What Will Happen Next In The Sanjivani 2

Precap Upcoming Sanjivani 2 episode update: Ishani gets envious to see Dr. Sid with another young lady.


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