Santoshi Maa 13th July 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.Me

The scene begins with mata santoshi contemplating while chandreshs guardians are planning for Pooja of mata santoshi. Chandresh’s dad is coordinating all individuals for courses of action of Pooja and Prasad. He is additionally clarifying chandresh how he got pulled in towards his mom’s commitment of doing quick so he will likewise this pooja to accomplish his child again and chandresh gets confounded about his dad.

Swati is clarifying relative how to perform Pooja of Santoshi mata while she is reacting her as needs be.

Her relative is reviling her other girl in law before her to demonstration quick for arrangement.

Chandresh is asking his mom what has happened to father of paying attention to this quick very or has she revealed the mystery while she discloses to him he is doing this to accomplish his child again and he gets progressively confounded.

Dev rishi asks mata what is this incident as there is no such pregnancy of swati and he has taken help of untruth so she discloses him to perceive how this occurs.

Paravati additionally asks mahadev in what capacity will this occur with lie so he clarifies her as this will lead unsettling influence in chandresh’s life yet make fans too.

Devi polomi seeing this plans evil for obliterating swati’s life.

Chandresh’s dad is occupied with doing all courses of action for mata santoshi’s Pooja and swati is seeing his devotion and suspecting something.

The other girl in law is arranging some malevolent demonstration to do while dev rishi comprehends this and grumbles mata however mata santoshi is under reflection.

Swati guardians come to go to Pooja and swati is cheerful however chandresh’s dad gets irritated while chandresh acknowledges and his dad insults him.

Chandresh’s dad flags his mom of how to perform Pooja and all are performing Pooja of santoshi mata as chandresh’s mom petitions God for youngster to get from swati.

The other little girl in law attempts to bring Prasad however chandresh’s mom stops her adage I’ll bring. She brings Prasad to place before mata santoshi’s sculpture and additionally calls her other little girl in law to go and do this as well yet she utilizes her abhorrent reasoning and pours stripping lemon water astutely unconscious anybody while polomi gets cheerful yet as swati begins doing aarti and all relatives likewise do aarti and every single other god are additionally imploring seeing this Pooja and as swati lifts the pot to pour water of lemon water put in that by other little girl in law then mata and every single other god get stunned and wild understanding this and she pours the water on mata’s Pooja havan and her sculpture so abruptly swati begins feeling torment and she blacks out and tumbles down while polomi is extremely glad seeing this remembering the other girl for law as well.

Precap : Swati experiences treatment as all over consumes spread on her body and chandresh gets stunned by this. Swati discloses to him I additionally can’t lift my legs as well. The two of them begin imploring mata santoshi for help.


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