Sara Arfeen Khan Says She Stepped Out Of Her House Without Wearing A Mask Neighbors Called The Police

TV artist Sara Arifin Khan faced a difficult time when she was walking out of her house to get her food. Since he was not wearing a mask, the residents of his building called the police. TV actor Sara Arifin Khan was last seen in the Star Plus show ‘Love Ka Hai Intezaar’.

Sarah talked about her life during the lockdown. During the conversation, the actress narrated an incident in which she had to face the wrath of her neighbors. She was going to get things to eat without wearing a mask.

Sara has told about the incident. Sara said, “The only caution this time is that we stay home.” We maintain cleanliness anyway. We are not going out nor letting anyone in. The only problem is that people are nervous sitting at home. Last week, I went down to my lane and I did not wear a mask as I only had to go from the elevator of the building to the main gate which is barely 6 steps away. Nevertheless the building men made a point of it. There are not many people in my building, yet they send messages to the group that you cannot get out of the building without wearing a mask. Here I am not talking about uneducated people but also educated people. Who are sitting at home.

Sara continued, ‘Besides, there are some neighbors who are interested in causing havoc in these difficult times. They actually called the police for not wearing masks till my car! The police have big issues instead of wasting their time in such trivial matters.’


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