Satyajeet Dubey Mother Found Corona Positive Sanjay Dutt Helped!

These days the whole country is suffering from the havoc of the Corona virus. In spite of the lockdown, corona infected cases are not decreasing. New cases are coming in the day. Due to which there is a huge crowd in hospitals. Recently, 54 year old mother (Satyajeet Dubey) of a well known Bollywood actor Satyajit Dubey has been found to be Corona Positive after the test. Satyajit had revealed in an Instagram post that his mother has been kept in the isolation ward of a hospital in Mumbai. Apart from this, it has also come to light that how his mother had trouble even after getting a bed in the hospital.

Satyajit Dubey had recently revealed that his 54 year old mother has been hit by Corona. In an Instagram post, he told that his mother has a migraine problem and had high fever about a week ago. Apart from this, troubles like chills, vomiting and body aches also started. When tested, she was found to be Corona positive. A report in the Times of India described how his mother was not getting a bed to get her admitted. After which he had to use his actor.

According to this report, Satyajit said ‘As a son, I wanted to give him all the comfort in terms of comfort, but if you go through the normal situation, it is impossible to find beds in hospitals right now. Thank God that the work that I do and the people I work with benefit. I called some people and they helped me ‘.

In the same report, Satyajit told that co stars Sanjay Dutt, Ali Fazal, Tisca Chopra and Amitosh Nagpal have helped him in his film Departure. Let us know that Satyajit’s mother is undergoing treatment at the moment and he is living in complete isolation with his sister. He has thanked all friends, neighbors, BMC, Corona Warriors and doctors.

Corona, the mother of actor Satyajit Dubey, who was seen in Sanjay Dutt’s film Prasthanam, has been found infected. Satyajit has quarantined himself with his sister. The actor has revealed that his mother’s health deteriorated a few days ago. He also suffered from a migraine attack and subsequently complained of fever, vomiting. On suspicion, his Kovid-19 test was done, which turned out to be positive.

Satyajit Dubey has given information about this by writing a post on Instagram. He wrote, ‘The last few days were in little trouble for me, my mother and sister. Partly because the problems of people who are called the backbone of our country are much more than this and the soldiers of our country are going through bad conditions. I want to thank all my friends, neighbors, BMC, Corona Warriors and doctors. Their love and support was excellent.

Satyajit further wrote, ‘My mother was not feeling well, it all started with severe migraine attack, high fever, body ache and we got Covid 19 tested and the result came out positive. She is kept under observation in an isolation ward of Nanavati Hospital and I am sure she will recover. Me and my sister are at home and we have no symptoms. ‘

Satyajit said that the administration is helping him a lot. He further wrote that I got a call from Ranjan Kumar from the police station. He said, ‘You guys don’t bother. In case of any problem, save my number and call. We will give you ration. Is your house full of ration? Feel free to call me.

Satyajit Dubey started his career with the film Always Occasionally. Apart from this, he was seen in Luck Lucky, Banke’s Crazy procession. Apart from this, he has appeared in serials like Jhansi Ki Rani and Maharaj Ki Jai Ho.


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