Sawajiri Erika
“White big tower” Mistress of the leading character · Goro Nagae! – (C) TV Asahi

An actress, Sawajiri Erika , appeared on the special drama “White big tower” starring Keiichi Okada (commemorating the 60th anniversary of TV Asahi’s opening, five consecutive nights this year) . Sawajiri plays Okada’s hero, a lover of Goro Usui · Hanaomori Keiko.

“White big tower” is a masterpiece novel of Yamazaki Toyoko ‘s masterpiece that came close to human nature beyond the boundaries of medical dramas set in the university hospital in Osaka . In this dramaization, we will replace the story setting with 2019 and draw a dramatic human drama unique to modern medicine.

Keiko who plays Sawajiri is a hostess of the bar “Radiege”, a mistress of Nagatake University Medical School Department of First Department Surgery / Associate Professor Okada. It is the only existence that none of us can forgive our mind, and we support the property with great inclusive power. Keiko, who was aiming for a doctor, is a way to back up the pretext of fighting the professor selection with full use of its abundant knowledge and beauty, a wide range of personal connections acquired as a hostess.

Sawajiri Fumingu Hanamori Keiko
Sawajiri Fumingu Hanamori Keiko – (C) TV Asahi

About such Keiko Sawajiri analyzed that “Although it may be in a position to be criticized in the world, in a sense, I think he is a person who is honestly alive to himself.” About Okada “I rediscovered that it is a very charming and interesting person than I thought.I had an impression that it was a serious one, but sometimes I was told that gags were saying” It is surprising that there is a lot of surprises! “(Laugh)” with the appearance of a good shooting scene in the atmosphere.

In addition to Okada and Sawajiri, Mr. Matsuyama Kenichi is a professional rival doctor with a synchronization of property, Mr. Kenichi Matsuyama , Akira Masayama , Akira Higashi, professor of Naniwa University School of Medicine Faculty, and Akira Terao appear. The screenplay is a drama “Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinkansen” “Black Leather Handbook” “Massan” and the movie ” Patchi! “” Hula Girls of ” Daisuke Habara et al worked, the director the movie” Nomitori Samurai , “” Woman of the second wife industry , such as ” Yasuo Tsuruhashi et al serve.


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