Kumkum-Ek Pyaar Saa Bande Fame Actress Sayantani Ghosh has again fallen in love. Sainthani is in relationship with Grace Tiwari, who is related to fitness industry.

Sayantani Ghosh Says Anugrah Tiwari And I Are Not Thinking About Marriage Yet

Kumkum-Ek Pyaar Saat Band Fame Actress Sayantani Ghosh remained in the relationship with an actor for a long time and later separated the two. But now once again Sayantani has fallen in love. He is in a relationship with Grace Tiwari who is related to the fitness industry. The two met in a gym through a common friend. In an interview with our colleague Times of India, Sayantani spoke openly about Grace Tiwari and marriage plans.

Sayantani Ghosh told that he does not want to put any tag on his relationship to show the society. Actress says, “Since my parents live in Kolkata, so grace is far from my family, my family and companions. We are the best friends who interact with each other. He is special to me, but I have not been able to give any name to my relationship so far. I do not want to give it a tag for the society. We are very happy together. This is a meaningful relationship and whatever decision we make from this will be for a better future and I am quite positive about this. It is good to move forward with two people. ‘

Talking about his marriage plan, Sayantani said, ‘I think we are still trying to understand each other. Occasionally an independent mind can cause many complications in your thinking. It is not always right or wrong. We are not thinking about marriage right now. For the time being, I have married my work. ‘


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